24 Fun And Interesting Facts About Ali Fedotowsky

Alexandra Elaine Fedotowsky-Manno is an American entertainment journalist. She was also a reality television contestant known from her appearances as a cast member on the ABC reality shows “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” and was the sixth “Bachelorette.” Take a look below for 24 more fun and interesting facts about Ali Fedotowsky.

1. Fedotowsky was born in Massachusetts.

2. She grew up in North Adams and Williamstown and is graduate of Mount Greylock Regional High School.

3. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for two years prior to transferring to Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006.

4. Fedotowsky’s work in television began when she was selected as a cast member on ABC’s reality show “The Bachelor” series which first aired on January 4, 2010.

5. The show placed her with 24 other women all contending for the affection of pilot Jake Pavelka.

6. She left the show when she was confronted with an ultimatum from her employer, Facebook, regarding the choice to return to work or to quit.

7. Fedotowsky then returned as the star of “The Bachelorette” where she became engaged with Roberto Martinez in the finale.

8. After “The Bachelorette,” Fedotowsky moved to San Diego, California, and joined the local Fox news station as a weekly morning show correspondent.

9. From March, 2012, through the fall of 2013, she hosted the weekly lifestyle television show “1st Look,” which airs on NBC.

10. Fedotowsky was on the live judging panel for Miss USA 2012.

11. On August 7, 2013, E! News announced Fedotowsky had been hired as a correspondent.

12. In June 2015, she announced that she was leaving that position.

13. In September 2017, Fedotowsky joined “Home and Family” as an official “family member.”

14. In 2010, Fedotowsky became engaged to Robert Martinez on the finale of “The Bachelorette.” In November 2011, Fedotowsky and Martinez ended their engagement.

15. In 2013, Fedotowsky began dating Kevin Manno, a radio and television host.

16. The two announced their engagement in September 2015.

17. Their first child, daughter Molly, was born July 6, 2016.

18. Fedotowsky and Manno married on March 3, 2017.

19. Their second child, son Riley, was born May 24, 2018.

20. She moved to her first apartment when she was 15 years old.

21. She hasn’t done her laundry in five years. her husband does all of her laundry and has since they met.

22. She collects coffee mugs.

23. She once broke a tooth from eating uncooked pasta. She admits that she still eats uncooked pasta sometimes.

24. Her husband and her pretend that they’re on “Chopped” when they’re cooking.

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