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24 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Shelgon From Pokemon

Shelgon is a Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Bagon starting at level 30 and evolves into Salamence starting at level 50. Take a look below for 24 fun and fascinating facts about Shelgon.

1. Shelgon is a quadruped Pokemon that resembles a pupal stage.

2. There are bone structures covering its body, which form a shell with two openings and three ridges on top.

3. One opening is in front, revealing two yellow eyes, while the other opening is in the back.

4. This bony covering repels enemy attacks, but it makes Shelgon heavy.

5. As a result, this Pokémon moves sluggishly and hardly eats.

6. Inside the shell, its body is busy forming for its next evolution. 

7. The moment this Pokémon evolves, its shell peels away. 

8. Its gray legs are visible protruding from underneath the shell, each with a short red stripe on the inner surface.

9. It can be found in caverns.

10. Shelgon is based on a dragon and a pupa.

11. Shelgon is a combination of shell and dragon.

12. Shelgon debuted in Let Bagons Be Bagons, when Michelle’s Bagon evolved into it.

13. A Shelgon appeared in Vanity Affair, under the ownership of Drake. It was used during a battle against Ash. It managed to defeat Pikachu with a powerful combination of Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw, after Ash failed to take into account its high defense during his strategy.

14. A Shelgon appeared in A Meeting of Two Journeys!, under the ownership of Sawyer. It was revealed to have evolved from his Bagon prior to the events of the episode. It was shown battling Ash but was defeated by Hawlucha. It evolved into Salamence sometime before A Riveting Rivalry!.

15. A Coordinator’s Shelgon appeared in Pros and Con Artists.

16. A Shelgon appeared in The Ribbon Cup Caper at the S.S. St. Flower’s Pokémon Center.

17. A Coordinator’s Shelgon appeared in Hi Ho Silver Wind! and Deceit and Assist, where it was competing in the Hoenn Grand Festival.

18. A Coordinator’s Shelgon appeared in Harley Rides Again.

19. A Shelgon appeared in a fantasy in Pinch Healing!.

20. A Trainer’s Shelgon appeared in Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!.

21. Drake used a Shelgon in Battle Till The End! Drake, One Of The Elite Four! during his battle with Ash.

22. A Shelgon appeared in Final Battle: Versus The Salon Maiden.

23. In The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XIII, Drake used a Shelgon in an attempt to break open the door of the Ancient Tomb containing Registeel.

24. The Battle Tower rented a Shelgon, which was stolen by Guile Hideout in The Final Battle VII.

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