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24 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Panpour From Pokemon

Panpour is a Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Simipour when exposed to a Water Stone. Panpour is one of three elemental monkeys. The other two are the Grass type Pansage and the Fire type Pansear. Take a look below for 24 fun and fascinating facts about Panpour.

1. Panpour is a simian, blue and cream Pokemon.

2. It has oval eyes that are usually seen closed, large ears with light blue insides, and a tiny, black nose.

3. There is a puffy, wave-like crest on top of its head.

4. Nutrient rich water is stored in this crest.

5. It also possesses a blue, frilled-like feature on its neck and upper shoulders.

6. Its muzzle, lower body, and skinny forelimbs are cream-colored, and its hands seem to have no fingers, aside from a thumb. 

7. Its small feet both have three toes each.

8. Its long tail has a clover-shaped tip.

9. Panpour can keep itself damp or water plants by spraying water from its tail.

10. It is mostly found near water sources.

11. Panpour is based on a monkey and a fountain.

12. It may also be based on a geyser or may be a visual pun on Sea-Monkeys.

13. It, along with its two contemporaries, seem to inspired by the three wise monkeys motif; with its eyes closed, Panpour represents “see no evil”.

14. Panpour may be a combination of Pan (the genus of Chimpanzees) and pour.

15. Panpour debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!, under the ownership of Cress. It appeared alongside Pansear and Pansage, which were owned by Chili and Cilan, respectively. It battled Ash’s Pikachu in a Gym battle and won.

16. A Panpour appeared in Iris’s flashback in Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!. It was one of her many Pokémon friends as a little girl back in the Village of Dragons.

17. A Trainer’s Panpour made a cameo appearance in Climbing the Tower of Success!.

18. A Panpour briefly appeared in the elder’s flashback in A Village Homecoming!.

19. A Trainer’s Panpour appeared in Curtain Up, Unova League!.

20. A Panpour appeared in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!.

21. A Panpour appeared in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!.

22. A Trainer’s Panpour appeared in Summer of Discovery!, Foggy Pokémon Orienteering!, and Battling Into the Hall of Fame!, where it was one of the Pokémon that participated in the Pokémon Summer Camp.

23. A Panpour appeared in Confronting the Darkness!.

24. A Trainer’s Panpour appeared in a video in Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!.

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