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24 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Vigoroth From Pokemon

Vigoroth is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Slakoth starting at level 18 and evolves into Slaking starting at level 36. Take a look below for 24 awesome and interesting facts about Vigoroth.

1. Vigoroth is a white, sloth like, bipedal Pokemon with a teardrop-shaped tuft of red fur on its forehead.

2. It has stubby ears, two small, triangular teeth in each jaw, a brown lower jaw, and large eyes encircled by brown rings.

3. There are two stripes on its back, which are also brown. 

4. Its arms are long, and its hands and feet have two sharp black claws.

5. The undersides of its hands and feet have circular red pads, and its rear also has a baboon-like patch of red.

6. The fur on its chest, tail, and sides of its maw are shaggy.

7. Vigoroth’s heart beats at a tenfold tempo, and it cannot sit still for even a minute.

8. Attempting to stand still or sleep raises its stress level and agitates its blood. 

9. It likes to go berserk by spinning its arms to destroy anything in its path. 

10. It runs wild through the jungle.

11. Due to its rampages, it is always hungry.

12. Because the only Ability Vigoroth can have is Vital Spirit, it was impossible to tuck in a Vigoroth into the Pokémon Dream World while it was available.

13. Vigoroth appears to be based on sloths, exhibiting traits most similar to two-toed sloths and ground sloths in particular. 

14. It also exhibits some similarities to Old World monkeys, particularly to baboons who have bright red rumps, short tails, and are known for violent outbursts just like Vigoroth.

15. Vigoroth is a combination of vigor and sloth. It may also be a play on vigorous.

16. Vigoroth debuted in There’s no Place Like Hoenn, under the ownership of Norman. It reappeared in Love, Petalburg Style and Balance of Power, where it was used in a Gym battle against Ash. It defeated Torkoal due to its speed but the match against Pikachu ended in a draw because it was paralyzed by Pikachu’s Static Ability.

17. A Vigoroth appeared in The Garden of Eatin’, under the ownership of Marcel. A Snorlax was causing trouble for Marcel by eating the bananas in his Banana Slakoth Garden. No one was able to stop it until one of the Slakoth in the garden evolved into Vigoroth and defeated Snorlax, allowing Marcel to catch it.

18. Multiple Vigoroth appeared in Slaking Kong!.

19. Multiple Vigoroth appeared in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, where they were pursuing Zorua until they were driven away by Infernape and Mamoswine.

20. A Trainer’s Vigoroth appeared in The Journalist from Another Region!, where it was entered in the Pokémon Sumo Tournament on Harvest Island.

21. A wild Vigoroth appeared in The Adventure, where it encountered and battled Pikachu near the Weather Institute.

22. Another wild Vigoroth appeared in The Cavern, where it was seen running away from a storm that a Primal Kyogre was creating.

23. Norman’s Vigoroth appeared in I’ll Win With My Own Battle Style!!.

24. Like in the games, a Vigoroth debuts in Nixing Nuzleaf under the ownership Norman, who uses it as one of his most valued fighters. Its battling method mainly makes usage of its adroit speed, with which it often shoots the enemy’s attacks back at them.

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