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24 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Marshtomp From Pokemon

Marshtomp is a dual type Water and Ground Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Mudkip starting at level 16 and evolves into Swampert starting at level 36. Take a look below for 24 awesome and fascinating facts about Marshtomp.

1. Marshtomp is an amphibious bipedal Pokemon.

2. Its body is primarily light-blue with a lighter shade of blue for its underside and an orange belly.

3. Marshtomp’s head has an angular black fin, orange eyes, and orange gills on the ends of both cheeks.

4. It has long arms with three-fingered hands.

5. Its feet have three small toes, and it has two black fins for tails.

6. This Pokémon has a thin, sticky film enveloping its body that enables it to live on land.

7. Its body weakens if its skin dries out, so it plays in the mud on beaches when the tide is low to replenish fluids.

8. It is capable of moving faster through mud than water.

9. With its sturdy legs, it has good footing in mud that allows it to overwhelm struggling opponents.

10. As its former signature move, Muddy Water is another special capability of this Pokémon.

11. Marshtomp lives in swamps and other wetlands.

12. Marshtomp is the only middle evolution Water-type starter Pokémon with two types.

13. Marshtomp and its evolution Swampert are the only starter Pokémon to have a 4× weakness against another starter type.

14. Marshtomp is based on the mudpuppy or mudskipper. It may also be based on the axolotl or gilled African lungfish, like its pre-evolved form. The single fin on Marshtomp’s head is reminiscent of the Murmillo helmet worn by murmillo-class Roman gladiators or the Corinthian helmet (with a horsehair crest) which is worn by Greek Hoplites. “Murmillo” is also a Greek word for a type of saltwater fish.

15. Marshtomp is a combination of marsh and stomp.

16. Brock’s Mudkip evolved into a Marshtomp in A Chip Off the Old Brock. In the episode, the Mud Fish Pokémon accidentally injured a Flaaffy. After the Flaaffy was healed, Marshtomp became infatuated with the Wool Pokémon, though it ultimately rejected it. Marshtomp remained on Brock’s team until it was left in Pewter City.

17. Marshtomp appeared in ZigZag Zangoose!, where it was revealed that Nicholai’s Mudkip had evolved into it. Nicholai used Marshtomp in a battle against Ash, where it was defeated by Treecko’s Pound.

18. Marshtomp debuted in a flashback in Abandon Ship!, under the ownership of Tommy. After it was lost on a ship, Tommy began searching for it, and realized that it ultimately evolved into a Swampert.

19. A Marshtomp appeared in a flashback in Delcatty Got Your Tongue.

20. A Marshtomp appeared in Lights, Camerupt, Action! as an actor in one of Elijah’s movies, in which it was capable of becoming giant.

21. A Coordinator’s Marshtomp appeared in Deceit and Assist.

22. A Marshtomp appeared in the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer, under the ownership of May. It evolved from Mudkip while battling Roxanne’s Nosepass. It later evolved into a Swampert capable of Mega Evolving.

23. Ruby’s Mudkip, nicknamed Mumu, evolved upon his arrival at Slateport City in Tripped Up by Torkoal, which Ruby was happy to record a video of. Afterwards, he was used in battle with Magma Admin Blaise as Ruby escaped the villain using his knowledge of Pokéblocks and Natures that determine preference. After again being forced to battle with yet another Magma Admin, this time in the form of Courtney, he became a Swampert, though this time Ruby was too depressed after his fight with Sapphire to commemorate this occasion.

24. A Marshtomp appeared in Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!.

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