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23 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Bewear From Pokemon

Bewear is a dual-type Normal/Fighting Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Stufful starting at level 27. Take a look below for 23 awesome and interesting facts about Bewear.

1. Bewear is a black and pink Pokemon resembling a bipedal bear.

2. Its legs and the front of its body are black, while its head, back, and tail are pink.

3. Across the top of its head is a white band with two tufts of fur on each end.

4. This white marking gives it the appearance of wearing a headband with decorative bear ears.

5. It has a short, white muzzle with a triangular black nose and two small, black eyes.

6. There are pink paw pads on its front paws consisting of the palm and three digital pads.

7. The hind paws have three white digital pads on the front.

8. It has a short tail with dark pink rings.

9. While Bewear may appear friendly, it is actually a very dangerous Pokémon — even considered to be the most dangerous Pokémon in Alola.

10. It must never be approached carelessly, even if it is merely swinging its arms around in a friendly fashion as this is used as a warning.

11. It shows affection with a fond embrace, but its hugs have incredible force.

12. Trainers of this Pokémon must teach it how to restrain itself when showing affection.

13. Its hugs are powerful enough to shattered bones.

14. Many trainers are said to have left the world after receiving Bewear’s hugs.

15. Bewear uses its arms to subdue its prey before before taking it back to its nest.

16. Bewear seems to be based off a stuffed bear. It also has some similarities to a mascot costume.

17. Its Fighting type may be a reference to the use of wrestling bears in professional wrestling. Similarly, its type may also be related to the bear hug, a professional wrestling move used for submission.

18. Bewear may be a combination of beware, wear and bear.

19. A wild female Bewear living on Melemele Island debuted in Alola to New Adventure!. She took a liking to Team Rocket and allowed them to live in her den. She would also protect them from blasting off by grabbing and carrying them while sprinting. In Don’t Ignore the Small Stufful!, Bewear was reunited with her child, a Stufful that had been living at Aether Paradise after being rescued by Wicke.

20. A Bewear appeared in Matori’s fantasy in Spying for the Big Guy!, where she imagined Stufful evolving into it.

21. A Bewear appeared in Letter.

22. Bewear debuted in Pokémon Move Specialist Professor Kukui, under the ownership of Hala. It was used to catch him after he stopped Olivia’s and Nanu’s battle.

23. Lusamine’s Bewear first appeared in Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move.

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