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30 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Braviary From Pokemon

Braviary is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Rufflet starting at level 54. Take a look below for 30 amazing and interesting facts about Braviary.

1. Braviary is a large, avian Pokemon with dark red feather on its back and dark blue feathers on its underside.

2. Its tail feathers are red, turning to yellow, and then blue at the tips.

3. Braviary’s legs are long and thick with yellow feet that each have a digit facing backward, and three facing forward.

4. Each digit is tipped by a short, thick, black claw.

5. Braviary has a long, thick beak with a blue cere.

6. On either side of the cere are Braviary’s eyes, which are black with small white pupils.

7. Sprouting from above the eyes are three large, white feathers.

8. At the base of the feathers is a red, three-pointed design that is spread across all three feathers.

9. On each side of Braviary’s face, sprouting out from behind the feathers on its forehead, are an additional three white feathers pointing horizontally and downward.

10. Behind the three feathers on its head is a large plume of white feathers, extending most of the way down its neck. 

11. These features combined resemble a Native American war bonnet.

12. Braviary is extremely aggressive, but for noble reasons.

13. It will fight fiercely to help and protect its friends.

14. Even if it is injured or has its life threatened, it will still fight.

15. The more scars it has on its front, the more respect it gets from its peers.

16. Scars on its back will bring it ridicule however. It has earned the nickname “hero of the skies” due to its extreme dedication for its friends.

17. Aiding its valiance, Braviary is extremely strong, capable of lifting a car and flying with it.

18. Briaviary is known for its bravery and pride.

19. It is usually seen as a motif for different emblems. However, due to its hotheaded and belligerent nature, Corviknight is chosen for transportation in Galar instead of Braviary.

20. Braviary represents August in the Unova horoscope.

21. Braviary and Rufflet can be seen as counterparts to Mandibuzz and Vullaby. Braviary and Mandibuzz share a base stat total of 510, evolve from their pre-evolutions starting at 54, and are both part Flying. Braviary and Rufflet are exclusive to White, White 2, Sun and Ultra Sun while Mandibuzz and Vullaby are to Black, Black 2, Moon and Ultra Moon. Whereas Braviary and Rufflet can only be male, Mandibuzz and Vullaby can only be female.

22. Braviary may be based on the bald eagle, specifically of the African fish eagle with which it shares its colors. Its color scheme may also be inspired by the red, white, and blue of the flag of the United States. Its design also may be influenced by Native American culture. This may be reflected in the feathers on its head, resembling war bonnets.

23. Braviary’s personality traits are based on American stereotypes.

24. Braviary is a corruption of bravery, and combination of brave and aviary or eyrie. “Home of the brave” is a lyric found in the “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the national anthem of the United States. Brave may also refer to the term used for Native American warriors, as in some tribes, the eagle is a sacred animal.

25. Braviary made his main series debut in A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!, under the ownership of Soren. Soren used Braviary in a Tag Battle alongside Drilbur against Ash and Cilan (who were using Unfezant and Pansage, respectively), but they were defeated. His Brave Bird later became a vital component for a unique combination invented by Soren, called “Jet Brave”. He reappeared in a flashback in Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!.

26. A Braviary appeared in Curtain Up, Unova League!, under the ownership of Radley. He was seen competing in the Vertress Conference, but he was defeated by Stephan’s Zebstrika, who used a combination of Thunderbolt and Giga Impact to knock him out.

27. A Braviary appeared in Saving Braviary!. Ash, Iris, Cilan, and N helped him escape from Schwarz and Weiss.

28. A Braviary appeared in Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon and Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, under the ownership of Baraz. Baraz used Braviary to fly around.

29. A Braviary debuted in Revealing the Stuff of Legend!, under the ownership of Professor Kukui. He used him to help Professor Burnet escape from a group of Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o at the Vast Poni Canyon. It has since made further appearances in the Sun & Moon series.

30. A Braviary appeared in SS014, under the ownership of Keira. It was used during a Raid Battle against a giant Golurk, which it helped defeat.

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