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23 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Burmy From Pokemon

Burmy is a Bug type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. Burmy’s evolutions are gender dependent: female Burmy evolve into Wormadam and male Burmy evolve into Mothim, both starting at level 20. It changes its cloak based on the location where it last battled.

It will be the Plant Cloak if it last battled outside or in tall grass, or it is encountered on a Honey Tree. It will be the Sandy Cloak if it last battled in a cave, or on a beach. It will be the Trash Cloak if it last battled in a building. In the wild, it is always in its Plant Cloak. The cloak only affects the form of Wormadam it evolves into, otherwise having no effect on gameplay. Take a look below for 23 amazing and interesting facts about Burmy.

1. Burmy is a small, larval Pokemon with a black segmented body and a coiled antenna on top of its head.

2. It has a beak-like mouth and yellow eyes.

3. Burmy has six stubby legs: the first two pairs are black, while the back pair is yellow.

4. There are two white spots on its cheeks, but they are only visible on a Burmy without a cloak.

5. A coat of leaves, sand and gravel, or pink building insulation normally covers Burmy’s body.

6. It will not hesitate to collect nearby materials to construct a new cloak if the old one breaks or falls off.

7. Even if it is born where there are no cocooning materials, it somehow always ends up with a cloak.

8. The cloak protects it from the cold, and will become thinner when the weather is hot.

9. Burmy and Wormadam share their category with Pineco and Forretress. They are all known as the Bagworm Pokémon.

10. Burmy’s cloak does not change if leveled up with an Exp. Share.

11. Burmy’s method of evolution is the most complex, with two factors deciding its evolution: its gender and its form.

12. Burmy is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 224.

13. Although Burmy has been confirmed to have feet, it does not have a footprint.

14. Burmy has never been seen in the anime wearing either the Sandy or Trash Cloak.

15. Burmy is based on a bagworm, which will metamorphose into a flying moth if male, or remain a larva-like creature if female.

16. Burmy may be a combination and corruption of brr, burr, bury, bag and worm.

17. A male Burmy appeared in Some Enchanted Sweetening!, where he was caught by Cheryl after it was lured to the Honey she put on a tree. After participating in battles with Team Rocket, Burmy evolved into a Mothim.

18. Burmy debuted in Two Degrees of Separation!, where Dawn tried and failed to catch one.

19. A Burmy appeared in Dawn Of A New Era!.

20. Multiple Burmy appeared in The Rise of Darkrai. One particular Plant Cloak Burmy surprised Ash in the garden in Alamos Town by abruptly dropping in front of his face.

21. Multiple Burmy appeared in a flashback in A Trainer and Child Reunion!.

22. A Plant Cloak Burmy appeared in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

23. A Plant Cloak Burmy appeared in A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!.

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