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22 Fun And Amazing Facts About Cresselia From Pokemon

Cresselia is a Psychic type Legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon. It is a member of the Lunar duo with Darkrai. Take a look below for 22 fun and amazing facts about Cresselia.

1. Cresselia has a blue, swan like body with a yellow underside.

2. It has pink eyes, a dark pink, round tuft on its head, and a pointed, beak-like snout.

3. There are yellow, crescent-shaped ornaments on the sides of its head.

4. Cresselia has glowing, pink, ring-like wings on its sides and back with paw like protrusions resting on its chest.

5. These wings release shining particles and undulate beautifully around the quarter moon.

6. Cresselia has the power to dispel nightmares, and holding one of its feathers is said to bring happy dreams.

7. It is also great at recovery and healing techniques. However, as seen in the anime, it can be quite hostile towards its counterpart, Darkrai.

8. Cresselia is the only known Pokémon able to learn Lunar Dance.

9. Cresselia is a female-only species.

10. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, despite being a legendary Pokémon, battling the wild Cresselia plays “Battle! (Wild Pokémon)”.

11. Cresselia’s form seems to be based on a swan.

12. Considering its crescent moon motif and the aurora-colored planetary rings around its body, it may originate from the constellation Cygnus.

13. Cresselia shares characteristics with Sarimanok, a legendary fowl with a profusely decorated head, feathered tail, and colorful wings that is said to be a symbol of good fortune.

14. Cresselia may be a combination of crescent (referring to the lunar phase) and Selene (Greek goddess of the Moon).

15. Cresselia made her main series debut in Sleepless In Pre-Battle!. Cresselia normally returns to her shrine on Fullmoon Island during a certain time of the year when a Darkrai also comes by to cause nightmares. She may also leave her feathers, which people find to help stop the nightmares caused by Darkrai. In the episode, Cresselia helped Ash and the residents of Canalave City get better sleep by stopping Darkrai. Team Rocket attempted to catch Cresselia, but they were stopped when Dawn’s Swinub evolved into Piloswine.

16. Cresselia debuted in a short cameo during the opening sequence of Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

17. A Cresselia appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

18. Cresselia debuted as a silhouette in a fantasy in Unplugging Rotom (Heat, Wash, Mow, Fan, Frost).

19. Cresselia appears under the ownership of Palmer, who caught her on Fullmoon Island in order to give Sailor Eldritch’s son the cure to wake up from a terrible nightmare. Cresselia followed her Trainer into the Distortion World where she squared up against her nemesis, Darkrai. Eventually, Platinum got on Cresselia in order to chase Charon who was commanding Giratina to fly him out of the Distortion World. She first appeared in The Final Dimensional Duel II.

20. A Cresselia debuted in TA26.

21. Cresselia appears on the Spear Pillar stage as one of three Pokémon who appear in the center (the others being Dialga and Palkia). Cresselia acts completely different than the other two in terms of attacks it uses. It will often use Psycho Cuts around the field, and sometimes shoot one large Psycho Cut as if it were a boomerang, hitting anyone that touches it.

22. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, Cresselia has made it her mission to foil Darkrai’s plot of plunging everyone in the world into an endless nightmare. After healing Azurill of his nightmare, she joins the player’s team as a guest in Dark Crater. After defeating Darkrai, Cresselia will offer to officially join the team back at Sharpedo Bluff.

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