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21 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Carracosta From Pokemon

Carracosta is a dual type Water and Rock Fossil Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Tirtouga starting at level 37, after it is revived from a Cover Fossil. Take a look below for 21 fun and fascinating facts about Carracosta.

1. Carracosta is a reptilian Pokemon resembling a bipedal, blue colored sea turtle.

2. Its stomach is pale blue.

3. It has deep blue rocky structures encrusted on its face, back, and the sides of its chest forming a “mask” and shell.

4. Its flippers are long with black finger-like protrusions at the tips.

5. Carracosta has a thick tail and short legs with two-toed feet.

6. Carracosta’s flippers have enough power to open a hole in the bottom of a tanker with one slap.

7. It once lived in the sea millions of years ago and is now considered extinct.

8. It hides in its shell to imitate as a boulder in order to ambush prey.

9. Carracosta has extremely strong jaws, allowing it to eat steel frames and rocks, in addition to prey, devouring every last piece of flesh and bone.

10. It preys on Omanyte and Omastar.

11. Carracosta and its pre-evolved form are the only Fossil Pokémon to have Rock as their secondary type instead of their primary type.

12. Carracosta appears to draw inspiration from Archelon, the largest known species of sea turtle from the Late Cretaceous period.

13. Its blue skin and dark gray carapace give it the same color scheme as the leatherback sea turtle.

14. The fact it eats steel beams draws from the fact that sea turtles are able to bend metal bars with their jaws.

15. The front of its shell also bears resemblance to a bulletproof vest.

16. Carracosta may be a combination of carapace (a hard, protective covering, i.e. a shell) and costa (Latin, Spanish and Portuguese for coast, a reference to its habitat). Carra may also refer to the Carrara fossil formation, which contains numerous trilobite fossils.

17. Multiple Carracosta made their main series debut in a flashback in A Restoration Confrontation! Part 1. They defended a young Ferris and a Tirtouga from a flock of attacking Archen. They physically appeared in the follow-up episode, where the Tirtouga that Ferris befriended also evolved into one after being forcefully revived by Dr. Zager.

18. Carracosta debuted in the opening sequence of White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram.

19. A Carracosta appeared in a fantasy in Mine Mayhem.

20. In A Cold Reception, Black’s Tirtouga, nicknamed Costa, evolved into a Carracosta during his Gym battle against Brycen. This allowed Costa to defeat Brycen’s Beartic and win the battle.

21. Zengai has a Carracosta that he can use as a Burst form.

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