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24 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Omastar From Pokemon

Omastar is a dual type Rock and Water Fossil Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Omanyte starting at level 40, after it is revived from a Helix Fossil. Take a look below for 24 awesome and fascinating facts about Omastar.

1. Omastar is a Pokemon similar to an ammonite.

2. Its sky blue body has several tentacles; the tentacles toward the front are shorter and thicker than those in the back.

3. There is a pale yellow, helix spiraled shell on its back.

4. Several sharp spikes line the shell’s midsection from the front to about halfway down its back.

5. The shell’s rim has two circular indents where Omastar’s eyes are visible.

6. Its eyes have yellow sclerae and vertically-slit pupils.

7. It has an oval mouth with a four-sectioned, fang-like beak.

8. It is believed that Omastar’s extinction was a consequence of the increasingly heavy weight of its own shell that affected its mobility, including its hunting.

9. Omastar swam the seas in search of prey, including prehistoric Shellder.

10. Omastar’s used it tentacles to ensnare its prey before biting down with the deadly force of its beak.

11. With the shell broken, it would suck out the contents.

12. Omastar was in turn preyed upon by Carracosta.

13. Omastar is thought to be a distant ancestor to Octillery.

14. In early English-language promotional material for Pokémon Red and Blue, Omastar was originally known as “Kargo”. This name is derived from “escargot” (French for snail).

15. Omastar is the only Fossil Pokémon whose extinction has been explained: its shell was too heavy for it to move, leading it to die out from starvation.

16. This explanation may also refer to the giant orthocone, ancestor to the modern octopus. The orthocone resembled a slow, cumbersome octopus with a long, pointed shell.

17. Omastar appears to be based on a type of ammonite. In addition, its method of grabbing prey and cracking their shells with ring-shaped mouths may be based on Anomalocaris.

18. Omastar’s name is a combination of its Japanese name, a phonetic anagram of ammonite, and star (based on its body shape).

19. Two Omastar debuted in Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon, alongside all of the other Generation I Fossil Pokémon. They were sleeping under Grampa Canyon until a dynamite blast woke them up. The Rock/Water-type Fossil Pokémon chased Ash Ketchum and Team Rocket until Aerodactyl showed up and scared them off.

20. Multiple Omastar appeared in Fossil Fools, alongside their pre-evolved form Omanyte. These Pokémon were discovered to be living in the Ruins of Alph, but they were moved into a museum.

21. An Omastar appeared in Dealing With Defensive Types! in the Canalave Gym. It caught Team Rocket trying to steal food from the Gym kitchen whilst Ash was having his Gym battle with Byron, and attacked them with Water Gun, sending them blasting off.

22. A Omastar appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Theme Park.

23. An Omastar appeared in Team Rocket’s fantasy in Imitation Confrontation.

24. An Omastar appeared in a fantasy in A Ruin with a View.

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