20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Varli Singh

Varli Singh is a successful businesswoman who became the founder and editor-in-chief of Varli Magazine, which educates the world on Indian cuisine. Take a look below for 20 more interesting and fun facts about Varli Singh.

1. Her other ventures include the creation of the Varli Food Festival and Varli Ware kitchen equipment.

2. She realized that Indian chefs needed a stronger outlet after reviewing food guides like Zagat and Michelin.

3. She launched the inaugural Varli Culinary Awards in November 2012.

4. She’s verified on TikTok, where is known as varlicious with over 250,000 followers.

5. She has daughters named Diya and Samaira.

6. She was born on November 15, 1977, in Cairo, Egypt.

7. There isn’t much information about her parents, but she does have a sister and a brother.

8. Her nationality is Indian.

9. While she’s currently staying in New York City, she has stayed in various cities in Asia and the Middle East.

10. She has released a song called “Phir Bhi Hun Main Zinda.”

11. Talking about her music video, she said it was about taking a stand and moving on from a bad relationship.

12. Singh is active on social media as she has over 1,000 followers on Facebook, 15,000 followers on Instagram and 600 followers on Twitter.

13. She has a YouTube channel called Varli.tv, where she has 8,000 subscribers.

14. The vocals in her song are actually by famed Bollywood singer, Shraddha Pandit.

15. She has spent most of her career building an international media platform that celebrates Indian cuisine and culture.

16. Around 1997, she had a few different jobs but realized pretty quickly that she was born to be an entrepreneur.

17. Her music video was created to tell a story about persevering after abuse from a loved one and learning to stand up for herself.

18. She’s a big fan of American music videos and action movies.

19. She’s currently working on an action thriller.

20. Her vision was born with a commitment to sensationalizing the cuisine she grew up loving and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate all these foods have to offer.

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