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20 Fun And Interesting Facts About Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is a social media star across multiple platforms who’s best known on YouTube as “MrBrent98.” Take a look below for 20 more fun and interesting facts about Brent Rivera.

1. His YouTube channel has earned over 8 million subscribers.

2. He was very popular on Vine, where he earned over 8 million followers.

3. In 2019, he began hosting the web series Dream Vacation.

4. He created his YouTube channel in 2009 and his Vine channel in 2013.

5. He started acting when he was 11 years old and it has always been his dream to entertain.

6. Rivera featured Eva Gutowski in his October, 2018, video “WEARING LONG ACRYLIC NAILS FOR 24 HOURS!!,” which has earned over 10 million views.

7. He has two brothers, Brice and Blake, and one sister, Lexi.

8. He has dated model Morgan Justus.

9. He’s frequently collaborated with Ben Azelart, Alan Stokes, Alex Stokes and Lexi Hansler.

10. He was born in Huntington Beach, California.

11. Brent is 21 years old. His birthday is January 9, 1998.

12. His zodiac sign is a Capricorn.

13. If he was a girl when he was born, Brent’s parents would have named him Heather.

14. Brent has done a bit of acting. He has appeared in the television series, MrBrent98 and the movie Alexander IRL.

15. His favorite television show is Modern Family.

16. His favorite color is green.

17. Brent will often play roller hockey and ice hockey.

18. His favorite subject in high school was history.

19. His favorite animated movie was Frozen.

20. Brent’s favorite food is sushi.

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  • Katrina Boud

    June 12, 2021 at 5:09 pm

    Brent is so handsome and funny. I love watching your YouTube videos they are so cool. You are also very cool and funny too. I love all the pranks you do they are awesome. I love you and your sister.❤❤❤❤


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