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15 Interesting And Fun Facts About Dallas, Oregon, United States

Dallas is a city and the county seat of Polk County, Oregon, United States. Take a look below for 15 interesting and fun facts about Dallas, Oregon, United States.

1. The population was 14,583 at the 2010 census.

2. Dallas is along Rickreall Creek, about 15 miles (24 km) west of Salem, at an elevation of 325 feet (99 m) above sea level. It is part of the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area.

3. Pioneers in the 1840s started the settlement that became known as Dallas on the north side of Rickreall Creek. It was originally named “Cynthian” or “Cynthiana”.

4. According to the county historical society in 1987, Mrs. Thomas J. Lovelady named the new settlement after her home town of Cynthiana, Kentucky.

5. Another source claims that Cynthia Ann, wife of early pioneer Jesse Applegate, named the settlement.

6. But they lived in the Salt Creek area of northern Polk County and, according to the 1850 Federal Census, she was not living in Polk County then.

7. Dallas post office was established in 1852.

8. In 1856, the town was moved more than a mile south because of an inadequate supply of water.

9. Cynthiana competed with Independence to be selected as the county seat. Its residents raised $17,000 in order to have a branch of the narrow gauge railroad constructed to their town, which secured them the honor and related economic stimulus.

10. The line was built from 1878–80. Town leaders believed a more sturdy sounding name was needed for a county seat. Since George Mifflin Dallas was vice-president under James K. Polk, for whom the county was named, they named it “Dallas”.

11. Dallas was incorporated as a town in 1874 and as a city in 1901.

12. After Louis Gerlinger, Sr. incorporated the Salem, Falls City and Western Railway Company late in October 1901, he announced plans to build a railroad from the Willamette River at Salem to the mouth of the Siletz River on the Oregon Coast, a distance of 65 miles (105 km).

13. In 1902, Louis’s son George T. Gerlinger organized a group of investors to build related railroad lines in the area. On May 29, 1903, the first train ran from Dallas to Falls City. At the end of June, passenger trains began regularly scheduled, daily trips to and from Dallas and Falls City; the 9-mile (14 km), 40-minute, one-way trip cost 35 cents.

14. Willamette Industries was founded in Dallas in 1906. At that time the company name was Willamette Valley Lumber Company. Louis Gerlinger, Sr. was president of the new company and H. L. Pittock, vice president. George T. Gerlinger served as secretary and manager, and F. W. Leadbetter was treasurer. George Cone served as director and mill superintendent. In 1967, Willamette Valley Lumber and several others merged to become Willamette Industries.

15. In the early 21st century, this and other local businesses were taken over by others from outside, which eventually affected the local economy. In March 2002, Willamette Industries was officially acquired by Weyerhaeuser Company in a hostile takeover. In early 2009, Weyerhaeuser’s Mill formally closed the Dallas operation. Similarly, Gerlinger Carrier Company in Dallas was taken over by Towmotor.

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