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15 Great And Fun Facts About Lincoln City, Oregon, United States

Lincoln City is a city in Lincoln County on the Oregon Coast between Tillamook and Newport. Take a look below for 15 great and fun facts about Lincoln City, Oregon, United States.

1. It is named after the county, which was named in honor of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

2. The population was 9,815 at the 2020 Census.

3. During the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, this city was the first in the path of totality to view a total solar eclipse.

4. Lincoln City was incorporated on March 3, 1965, uniting the cities of Delake, Oceanlake and Taft, and the unincorporated communities of Cutler City and Nelscott.

5. These were adjacent communities along U.S. Route 101, which serves as Lincoln City’s main street.

6. The name “Lincoln City” was chosen from contest entries submitted by local school children.

7. The contest was held when it was determined that using one of the five communities’ names would be too controversial.

8. Cutler City is located on the east shore of Siletz Bay. The community was started by Mr. and Mrs. George Cutler.

9. It is claimed they received the property from Chief Charles “Charley” DePoe of the Siletz tribe (part of the present-day Confederated Tribes of the Siletz). Cutler City post office ran from 1930 until the formation of Lincoln City.

10. Delake is near Devils Lake, and was named for the way the local Finnish people pronounced the name of the lake. Delake post office was established in 1924, and reestablished as Oceanlake (see below) in 1927.

11. Nelscott was named by combining the surnames of Charles P. Nelson and Dr. W.G. Scott, who founded the community in 1926. Nelscott post office ran from 1929 until incorporation as Lincoln City. Nelscott Reef is known for its surf and was in Surfer Magazine in 2003 as one of the Pacific Ocean’s best places to surf.

12. Oceanlake was named for its position between Devils Lake and the Pacific Ocean. Its post office ran from 1927 until incorporation as Lincoln City. In 1945, Oceanlake annexed Wecoma Beach and incorporated as a city. The neighborhood is home to Oceanlake Elementary School.

13. Taft was named for the 27th U.S. president William Howard Taft. Taft post office was established in 1906, and was named when Taft was Secretary of War. The post office ran until incorporation as Lincoln City.

14. Oceanlake annexed Wecoma Beach, a community to the north, and was incorporated on November 3, 1945. Wecoma is a Chinook jargon word meaning “sea”. The post office at this locale was originally named Wecoma. It was changed to Wecoma Beach in 1949. The office is no longer in operation.

15. On July 1, 2013, Lincoln City forcibly annexed the Roads End community to its north, by informing homeowners they would not receive water service, unless the owner consented to the annexation.

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