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14 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Sussex Corner, New Brunswick, Canada

Sussex Corner (2016 population: 1,461) is a Canadian village in Kings County, in south central New Brunswick. Take a look below for 14 amazing and interesting facts about Sussex Corner, New Brunswick, Canada.

1. Southeast of the town of Sussex, with which it shares a border, the village was settled by Loyalists during the American Revolution.

2. It is part of what was originally called Pleasant Valley due to the weather and natural wealth it contains.

3. Sussex Corner was home to the fastest half-mile horse racetrack in North America during the mid-19th century.

4. The track was one of many thriving enterprises operated by businessman and sportsman Hugh McMonagle.

5. Among his many contributions to the area, McMonagle introduced the first Holstein cattle to the region, leading to its strong reputation of being the Dairy Capital of the Maritimes.

6. He also brought in the first Morgan horses to New Brunswick and was a strong promoter of agricultural progress for his community.

7. The community was known as the half-way mark for stagecoach travel between Saint John and Moncton.

8. The Pitfield Elm, a massive elm tree that stood outside the Spicer Inn, was a welcome sight for travelers cresting the valley walls as they knew they would soon be enjoying a respite from their bone-jarring journey.

9. Sussex Vale was the economic centre of Kings County in the mid-19th century, with growth slowing after the railroad arrived.

10. McMonagle protested the original plans for the tracks to cross his land and racetrack, and so the railroad was built two miles west of the community.

11. Area businesses soon moved next to the new train station to benefit from the travelers, and the emphasis moved from Sussex Vale to the growing community of Sussex.

12. This history is told in the three murals created in the community.

13. They are part of the 26 murals painted by internationally renowned artists during the summers of 2006 and 2007 that make Sussex and Sussex Corner the Mural Capital of Atlantic Canada.

14. The village became an important road junction during the 20th century and was renamed Sussex Corner.

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