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15 Fascinating And Obscure Facts About Lakeport, California, United States

Lakeport is an incorporated city and the county seat of Lake County, California. Take a look below for 15 fascinating and obscure facts about Lakeport, California, United States.

1. This city is 125 miles (201 km) northwest of Sacramento.

2. Lakeport is on the western shore of the county namesake, Clear Lake, at an elevation of 1,355 feet (413 m).

3. The population was 5,026 at the 2020 census, up from 4,753 at the 2010 census.

4. Former names include Forbestown, Rocky Point, Stony Point, Tuckertown, and Kaci-Badon.

5. Lakeport was first settled by Native Americans several thousand years ago. At the coming of the settlers, the Kabe-napos, a subtribe of the Pomo people, lived here within their main village.

6. The village name was Kaci-Badon, after the water lily plant Kaci, and badon, which was the native name for ‘island’.

7. The first business in Lakeport was established in 1855, trading goods to the natives in exchange for their wares and baskets.

8. The business was run by a man named Johnson, but he did not have a store location. The first shop built in the Lakeport area was constructed by Dr. Boynton.

9. It was William Forbes and James Parrish, however, who created the first shop in the main Lakeport area. Parish was a blacksmith and Forbes was a wagon maker. Forbes was also a pioneer undertaker. It was this investment as well as the land grant Forbes bestowed upon the county, which earned Lakeport its first name: Forbestown.

10. William Forbes came to the area in 1858. He purchased 160 acres (0.6 km2) on which to build his home and farm. When the county was investigating land to put the local county seat, Forbes offered 40 acres (160,000 m2) of his property on which they could build the county office. The electorate thanked Forbes for his generosity by naming the town after him. Although the town no longer bears his name, other landmarks still retain their name association to the late William Forbes.

11. On June 14, 1861, Forbestown was officially changed to Lakeport. Some locations still bear the Forbes name, however, such as Forbes Creek and Forbes Street.

12. In 1850, Captain Nathaniel Lyon led an attack in the Bloody Island Massacre. Lyon later died fighting for the Union in the Civil War.

13. The first post office, called Big Valley, opened at the site in 1858, and changed its name to Lakeport in 1861.

14. The first Lakeport courthouse was built of wood in 1861. The building burnt under suspicious circumstances in 1867.

15. In 1864, the Cache Creek Dam was built. Four years later, the locals tore down the dam and destroyed the mills it helped operate, after waters diverted by the dam flooded most of Lower Lake and Anderson Ranch.

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