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15 Fascinating And Awesome Facts About La Pine, Oregon, United States

La Pine is a city in Deschutes County, Oregon, United States, incorporated on December 7, 2006. Take a look below for 15 fascinating and awesome facts about La Pine, Oregon, United States.

1. La Pine is part of the Bend, Oregon Metropolitan Statistical Area.

2. The population was 1,653 at the 2010 census.

3. La Pine is in an isolated area of Central Oregon, consisting of a loose collection of homes and businesses along U.S. Highway 97 about 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Bend.

4. Several peaks of the Cascade Range are prominently visible from the community.

5. La Pine is in the valley of the Little Deschutes River, a tributary of the Deschutes River.

6. The river provides recreational opportunities such as fishing, swimming, canoeing and other leisure activities.

7. The area was first settled by European-Americans in the 1800s by French fur trappers.

8. La Pine was founded in the 19th century with Huntington Road as the main street. The original name for the community was Rosland.

9. A post office by that name was started in 1897, followed by a townsite in 1900.

10. Construction on the Oregon Trunk Railroad started in 1908 by the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway at the Columbia River.

11. The route was designed to follow the Deschutes River, and the line later became part of BNSF Railway.

12. The line was built to Bend, with the railroad later buying a line owned by the Shevlin-Hixon Lumber Company that continued to La Pine.

13. What became U.S. 97 was completed in 1917, which used the right of way of the Oregon Trunk Line that had not been built south of Bend.

14. In 2000, a branch of the Deschutes Public Library was built in the community.

15. La Pine had remained an unincorporated community for many years. A measure to incorporate in the 2000 elections was rejected by a 2–1 ratio.

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