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10 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Barbamon From Digimon

Barbamon is a Demon Lord Digimon. Take a look below for 10 interesting and awesome facts about Barbamon from Digimon.

1. With the appearance of a long-bearded old man, it is one of the “Seven Great Demon Lords”, representing Saturn and the sin of Greed.

2. It resides within the heart of the Dark Area, the den of demons, and manipulates Fallen Angel Digimon to run the whole gamut of evil.

3. It is obsessed with all of the treasure which exists within the Network, so out of avarice, and regardless of the means, it has a cruel personality with a greed that would kill Digimon just for a piece of treasure.

4. It is the foremost and most cunning schemer of the Seven Great Demon Lords, and can easily manipulate the Mega-level Ghoulmon in addition to Fallen Angel Digimon.

5. Barbamon is based on the mythological demon Barbatos.

6. Barbamon is a digivolution in Gaomon’s galaxy.

7. Barbamon digivolves from Myotismon and SkullMeramon. If the waste gauge fills to the maximum, it will digivolve to Sukamon.

8. Barbamon is a Dark Virus type, Mega level Digimon. It digivolves from Taomon, Myotismon, and Datamon and can DNA Digivolve to Belphemon Rage Mode with Belphemon Sleep Mode. Mega level Digimon can’t poop but if Piedmon’s experiment maxes the poop gauge, it will digivolve into PlatinumSukamon or Sukamon.

9. It dwells in the Wizard Temple. When defeated, it can drop the debug plate for Barbamon.

10. Barbamon aims to create the ultimate weapon Armamon with the data of deceased Weapon Digimon, and to lead the Erazers in an invasion of the Digital World.

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