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10 Fascinating And Incredible Facts About Hackmon From Digimon

Hackmon is a Mini Dragon Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fascinating and incredible facts about Hackmon from Digimon.

1. Its fur shines a cool white. Hackmon had encountered Gankoomon, who saw in it the makings of the thirteenth Royal Knight, and decided to temper the Rookie Digimon with frequent, rigorous trials, in order to pass on its own title as a Royal Knight to Hackmon.

2. Its unfettered and restraint-hating, adventure-loving way of life is probably due to Gankoomon’s DNA.

3. It chases after Gankoomon and faces the rigorous trials it imposes with an air of composure.

4. It has a masterful sense of combat due to its lineage, and because of its training with its chaperones, the Sistermon sisters, it can more than hold its own in battle against its opponents even if they’re an Ultimate.

5. It specializes in close combat that capitalizes on its keenness. It follows its dreams of becoming a Royal Knight like Gankoomon as it fights through continuous battles.

6. Hackmon is a dragon-like Digimon with white armored skin, dark blue claws, gold eyes, and horns.

7. It wears a red cloak with a hood that has goggles embedded in it.

8. A wounded Hackmon in Logic Volcano runs away from an Angemon that was trying to heal it, as it thought the Angemon was trying to catch it and then kill and dissect it. The Angemon asks the Hero to find and check on Hackmon as it was worried about its wounds, and when the Hero finds Hackmon the Hackmon attacks the Hero due to their affiliation with the Angemon. After Hackmon is defeated the Hero explains that isn’t the case and that the Angemon was just worried about it. Embarrassed about the situation the Hackmon asks the Hero to apologise for it and then joins the City. Angemon joins the City as well as it was worried that Hackmon had acquired even more wounds from its fight with the Hero. Hackmon joins Angemon in the hospital and tells the Hero what areas in the Digital World their partners like and dislike, explaining that the disliked areas will likely cause their Digimon to become sick.

9. Hackmon is the disciple of Gankoomon and travels with its master to the Versandi Terminal. When DATS tries to get Gankoomon to join, Hackmon and Gankoomon give them a series of trials.

10. Huckmon digivolves from Sakuttomon and can digivolve to BaoHuckmon.

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