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10 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Bukamon From Digimon

Bukamon is a Lesser Digimon. Take a look below for 10 awesome and interesting facts about Bukamon from Digimon.

1. Although it has an appearance which is thought to be the infancy of an aquatic dinosaur, it is a funny Digimon with movements as clever as the seahorse.

2. However, the friendly personality it had as Pichimon has totally vanished, and it quickly flees if others approach.

3. Its outer skin cannot yet bear the water pressure and low temperature of the deep sea, so the length of time it can dive to the deep sea is not long.

4. Bukamon are recruitable enemies in the Shrine of Evil—Left and Right and Piemon’s Palace.

5. Bukamon are enemies in Ryo’s side of Water Cave 2, Black Ship 2, and Plume Cave 2, as well as Ken’s side of Plume Cave.

6. Several Bukamon watch the race to determine who will become the King of the Digital World.

7. Some Bukamon are at the Autumn Leaf Fair during both the DigiDestined’s visits.

8. A Bukamon is among the Digimon caught in the vortex caused by Akihiro Kurata’s troops.

9. Bukamon digivolves from Pichimon and can digivolve to Gomamon, Veemon, SnowGoblimon, ClearAgumon and Gumdramon.

10. Bukamon digivolves from Punimon, Pichimon or Poyomon with 20 Aquan AP and can digivolve to Gomamon with 3 battles, Kamemon with 20 Aquan AP, SnowAgumon with 20 Dragon AP and Gizamon pass time.

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