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7 Awesome And Amazing Facts About BeoWolfmon From Digimon

BeoWolfmon is a Warrior Digimon. Take a look below for 7 awesome and amazing facts about BeoWolfmon from Digimon.

1. It possesses power over Light that has transcended legend by inheriting all the might of AncientGarurumon and acquiring unknown abilities.

2. It is a strong-armed warrior that possesses both the wildness of a beast and the intelligence of a human, and can easily swing down its double-bladed greatsword “Beo Saber” with one hand.

3. In battle, it coolly sizes up the situation and fights without getting heated up, but it believes in the way of the warrior, of fighting for its comrades and challenging strong opponents.

4. It has the “Roland 2” missile pod on its left hand for use in long-range combat, and specializes in both long-range and short-range combat.

5. Several BeoWolfmon practice their sword techniques the Sword Zone. They are attacked by the Bagra Army and bear witness to the Fusion Fighters’ triumph over the Bagra Army’s Sword Zone commander, Grademon.

6. BeoWolfmon digivolves from Garummon and can digivolve to MagnaGarurumon.

7. BeoWolfmon is an Ultimate level Digimon that digivolves from Reppamon and can digivolve to Leopardmon.

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