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26 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Sandslash From Pokemon

Sandslash is a Ground type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Sandshrew starting at level 22. In Alola, Sandslash has a regional variant that is Ice and Steel. It evolves from Alolan Sandshrew when exposed to an Ice Stone. Take a look below for 26 awesome and interesting facts about Sandslash.

1. Sandslash is a bipedal, ground dwelling pholidote Pokemon.

2. Although Sandslash is usually bipedal, it can run on all fours. 

3. Most of its underside is light yellow with a white underbelly.

4. It has a narrow muzzle, almond-shaped blue eyes, and a thick tail.

5. Its back is mostly covered in sharp, brown quills formed from its tough, dry hide.

6. It has two large claws on its paws and feet.

7. These claws are its primary weapons and are used for slashing, but can also be used for burrowing.

8. Its claws and spikes can both break off and are shed regularly, but grow back quickly.

9. It can curl into a large ball, which allows it to roll to attack or escape, protect itself from heatstroke, and guard its belly.

10. Sandslash is also adept at climbing trees and is prone to ambush its enemies from above. 

11. Sandslash can mostly be found in deserts.

12. In the Alola region, Sandslash has an icy blue hide and quills covered in ice. These quills stand taller than a regular Sandslash’s quills and resemble icicles. This Pokémon uses its hide for camouflage in the snow, while leaving only its spines exposed. Its body emmits cold air, which sharpens its quills.

13. Its forepaws are larger than its counterpart, and its claws are longer, thinner, and hooked at the tips. Formerly used for climbing trees, they now allow it scale an iceberg.

14. Despite the weight of its ice-covered body, Alolan Sandslash is able to move swiftly by carving a path in the snow with its claws.

15. This Pokémon tends to live in the deeper parts of snowy mountains, where climbing is forbidden. However, the sprays of snow it kicks up are popular shots for photographers.

16. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Alolan Sandslash and its Alolan pre-evolution.

17. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Sandslash’s original name was “Sandstorm”.

18. Sandslash shares various physical traits with the pangolin.

19. It also draws from hedgehogs, porcupines, and echidnas due to its coloration and having spikes instead of scales.

20. Both Sandshrew and Sandslash are mentioned to have poisonous claws, similar to how some species of the shrew are poisonous.

21. Sandslash is a combination of sand and slash, referring to its long claws.

22. A Sandslash owned by Corey was one of the Pokémon captured and cloned by Mewtwo in Mewtwo Strikes Back. When Team Rocket saw it being cloned, it was mistaken for its pre-evolution, Sandshrew. The Sandslash clone was seen again in Mewtwo Returns.

23. In Good ‘Quil Hunting, Koji informed Ash about a place that was good for catching Cyndaquil. After Ash captured a Cyndaquil, the Trainer challenged Ash to a 1-on-1 Pokémon battle to determine who would keep the Cyndaquil. Koji used a Sandslash against Ash’s Cyndaquil and lost.

24. Three Sandslash appeared in Bulbasaur… the Ambassador!, where they helped dig a new lake for the Grass-type Pokémon at Professor Oak’s Laboratory.

25. Alolan Sandslash debuted in Not Caving Under Pressure!, where it evolved from an Alolan Sandshrew after touching an Ice Stone. It gave Lillie an Icium Z as thanks for helping it battle a Tyranitar that was threatening a home it shared with several other Alolan Sandshrew at Mount Lanakila.

26. Multiple Sandslash debuted in The Flame Pokémon-athon!, where they were seen at the Laramie Ranch. One was later seen among the Pokémon participating in the Big P Pokémon Race.

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