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25 Fun And Interesting Facts About Furret From Pokemon

Furret is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Sentret starting at level 15. Take a look below for 25 fun and interesting facts about Furret.

1. Furret is a long, slim bodied Pokemon with cream colored fur and dark brown rings along the length of its body.

2. The back of its head and neck are also dark brown; this marking extends to below its arms where the first ring is formed.

3. It has cream-colored tips on its ears, two brown, whisker-like markings on each cheek, and round, black eyes.

4. Its four limbs are stubby; the forepaws are brown and the hind paws cream-colored.

5. Furret is capable of standing on its hind legs, but prefers to move on all fours.

6. Its body and tail are so similar in structure that it is impossible to tell where its tail begins.

7. Despite its short limbs, Furret is very quick and agile.

8. Its speed allows it to catch prey such as Rattata.

9. It tends to burrow under the ground of meadows and other temperate grasslands.

10. Its narrow burrows are well-suited for its slim body and are very difficult for other Pokémon to enter.

11. The burrows also become more maze-like deeper inside, which makes it even harder to find Furret’s nest.

12. A mother Furret curls itself around its offspring to help them sleep.

13. Furret appears to be based on a ferret.

14. Multiple Furret appeared in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest. One of them led Ash and his friends to the Lake of Life so they could heal an injured Celebi.

15. A Furret appeared in A Claim to Flame!, under the ownership of Salvador. It battled Ash’s Pikachu during the first battle of the Silver Conference, where it repeatedly used Dig to confuse its opponent. However, Pikachu broke through the strategy by latching onto Furret’s back and using Thunderbolt to defeat it. Furret reappeared in a flashback in Love, Pokémon Style.

16. Furret debuted in Pikachu & Pichu as a resident of Big Town.

17. Furret made its television debut in The Legend of Thunder!.

18. Furret made its main series debut in the banned episode EP250, where it was one of the Pokémon residing in a forest outside the Ice Path.

19. Furret made its English dub debut in Fangs for Nothin’ as an inhabitant of the Dragon Holy Land. Multiple other Furret appeared in the follow-up episode, also as inhabitants of the Dragon Holy Land. Two of them reappeared in a flashback in Better Eight Than Never.

20. A Trainer’s Furret appeared in You’re a Star, Larvitar!.

21. Two Furret appeared in A Bite to Remember, where an injured one was under the care of Katrina and the other was wild.

22. A Furret appeared in Game Winning Assist!, under the ownership of Julie, who used it as her battling Pokémon. It was often seen outside of its Poké Ball.

23. A Furret appeared in PK13.

24. A Coordinator’s Furret appeared in Harley Rides Again.

25. Multiple Furret appeared in a flashback in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. They were among the Pokémon that helped Pokémon Ranger Jack Walker when he was a young boy lost in a blizzard.

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