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25 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Nosepass From Pokemon

Nosepass is a Rock type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Probopass when leveled up in a special magnetic field. Take a look below for 25 amazing and interesting facts about Nosepass.

1. Nosepass is a blue, angular, hard bipedal Pokemon that closely resembles the Easter Island Heads.

2. Its bright red, triangular nose is highly magnetic and slightly resembles a 3D arrow.

3. This nose functions as an electromagnet and always points north.

4. It has arms and legs without any visible joints and small, circular holes on the undersides.

5. Its arms resemble compass needles.

6. It has similar circular holes on the sides of its head.

7. Its eyes, covered by dark, somewhat mask-like markings, have the appearance of being closed.

8. Nosepass cannot go near others, since it would repel them with its magnetic nose.

9. Its magnetism is stronger in cold seasons.

10. To protect itself when in danger, it raises its magnetism and draws iron objects to its body. 

11. This technique is also used to capture prey, though it can pull natural enemies close too.

12. Nosepass only moves a little over 3/8 of an inch each year, but can quickly spin its body into the ground like a drill during emergency situations.

13. It lives in caves.

14. Metang are natural predators of Nosepass.

15. Nosepass is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 375.

16. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Nosepass is programmed to be able to learn Head Smash through breeding, but no other Pokémon in the Mineral Group can legitimately learn it to pass down as an Egg Move in those games. It was removed from Nosepass’s Egg Move list in Generation V, but in more recent games, some Pokémon in the Mineral Egg Group have become able to pass it down.

17. Due to the censor that prevents Pokémon with offensive nicknames being traded on the GTS, an English language Nosepass cannot be traded on the GTS without a nickname in Pokémon Black and White.

18. When displayed on the overworld map in Pokémon GO, Nosepass’s model will always face north.

19. It is based on the Moai statues of Easter Island, as well as a compass.

20. Its nasal compass may be based on the expression “follow one’s nose”, meaning “to trust to one’s instincts”. It also could be based on the ethmoid bone that is located between the nasal cavity and the brain, and is known to give some species their sense of direction via magnetoreception.

21. Nosepass is a combination of nose and compass.

22. Nosepass debuted in A Winner By a Nosepass, under the ownership of Roxanne. It was used in her Gym battle against Ash, where it was eventually defeated by Pikachu‘s Iron Tail.

23. In Aipom and Circumstance, a young man named Hank used his Nosepass to track down Ash’s missing Aipom.

24. In Nosing ‘Round the Mountain!, Ash battled a boy named Alan and his Nosepass at Mt. Coronet at Alan’s request. The Nosepass then evolved into Probopass.

25. Four Nosepass appeared in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, under the ownership of Damos. In the original timeline set up by the movie, they were used by Damos, who was under Hypnosis, to attack Arceus with Shock Wave. When Ash and his friends traveled to the past to prevent this, Marcus, the one responsible for hypnotizing Damos, managed to use the Nosepass again to attack Arceus.

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