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24 Fun And Interesting Facts About Toucannon From Pokemon

Toucannon is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Trumbeak starting at level 28. It is the final form of Pikipek. Take a look below for 24 fun and interesting facts about Toucannon.

1. Toucannon is an avian Pokemon with black feathers and a prominent beak similar to a toucan.

2. The upper part of the beak has a black tip with three red bands gradually lightening in color toward the yellow base.

3. The mandible is smaller and solid red.

4. Around the base of the beak is a thin black band with two extensions into the upper jaw similar to nostrils.

5. The red bands on Toucannon’s beak can change color and move from the tip to the base. 

6. There is a white marking covering its chin and chest, and a half-circle, yellow marking on each cheek.

7. Toucannon has dark blue eyes, light blue eyelids, and jagged, gray eyebrows.

8. It has a long tail with a spiky ruff of red feathers around the base, and spindly blue legs.

9. Each foot has two forward facing toes with black talons and two rear-facing toes with no visible claws. 

10. Its tail seems to be bent specifically for the purpose of holding it momentarily, as it can stand on it for short periods, possibly as a brace when firing seeds.

11. There are gases inside its beak, which can ignite and launch seeds with enough force to shatter boulders.

12. Additionally, its temperature can exceed 212° Fahrenheit (100° Celsius) and cause severe burns on contact.

13. It can use this beak to warm up eggs, as shown in the anime.

14. This ability also allows it to use its signature move Beak Blast. In order to communicate, Toucannon strike each other with their beaks.

15. The number and strength of the hits reflect how it is feeling.

16. Toucannon is well known for forming loving couples.

17. This makes it a common good luck charm at weddings.

18. Toucannon appears to be based on a toucan, particularly the toco toucan.

19. Its ability to heat up its elongated bill and fire seeds is similar to the concept of a cannon and cannonballs, which require a tremendous amount of heat in order to launch projectiles at blazing speeds.

20. It may also reference modern phylogenetics; its evolution from a woodpecker-based Pokémon seems to be based on the fact that both woodpeckers and toucans are members of the Piciformes order of birds.

21. Toucannon may be a combination of toucan and cannon.

22. A wild Toucannon debuted in First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style! as one of the leaders of a flock of Pikipek, which also included a Rowlet. At the end of the episode, it gave Rowlet permission to join Ash’s team.

23. A Toucannon nicknamed Touckey appeared in Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!, under the ownership of Kahili. It has been her partner since her childhood, and assists her while playing Pokémon Golf games.

24. Toucannon debuted in the The Wild Full-Power Pose of Fire, under the ownership of Kahili.

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