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22 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Trumbeak From Pokemon

Trumbeak is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Pikipek starting at level 14 and evolves into Toucannon starting at level 28. Take a look below for 22 fascinating and interesting facts about Trumbeak.

1. Trumbeak is an avian Pokemon with black feathers.

2. It has a long beak that tapers to a sharp point.

3. The majority of its beak is orange, changing to light red and then black at the tip.

4. The beak is flexible, and can be bent to produce over one hundred different calls.

5. It has round blue eyes and pale gray eyebrows.

6. Pointed feathers extend from the back of its head and form a short crest.

7. A white marking covers its face and extends down over its chest; the undersides of its wings are also white.

8. Around its neck is a jagged, red band, and it has long tail with three tail feathers.

9. It has spindly blue legs with two toes facing forward and two facing backward.

10. This Pokémon feeds on Berries.

11. It stores the seeds in its beak and uses them as ammunition against both enemies and prey.

12. Trumbeak appears to be based on a woodpecker, most likely a Pileated woodpecker or an Ivory-billed woodpecker.

13. It also bears some resemblance to honeyguides or a toco toucan, especially one that has yet to fully mature.

14. It also appears to be somehow related to various brass instruments: its names reference trumpets, its category is the “Bugle Beak Pokémon”, and its ability to change its call by bending its beak is similar to that of a trombone, which works by altering the length of the slide.

15. Trumbeak may be a combination of trumpet and beak.

16. Trumbeak debuted in First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!. It was one of the leaders of a flock of Pikipek, which also included a Rowlet.

17. A Trainer’s Trumbeak appeared in We Know Where You’re Going, Eevee!.

18. A Trumbeak appeared in Showdown on Poni Island!, where it was photographed by Lillie during her time on Poni Island.

19. Trumbeak debuted in Homecoming and the Brilliant Professional Golfer, where it was seen in Lush Jungle.

20. Two Ally Trumbeak appeared in Flash and Cosmog’s Secret, where they helped a Totem Lurantis fight Moon.

21. A Trumbeak appeared in A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart, where it was seen inside Aether Paradise.

22. A Trainer’s Trumbeak appeared in Truth and the Mastermind Behind Team Skull.

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