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24 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Crobat From Pokemon

Crobat is a dual type Poison and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Golbat when leveled up with high friendship. It is the final form of Zubat. Take a look below for 24 fun and fascinating facts about Crobat.

1. Crobat is a purple, bat like Pokemon with a small, round body.

2. It has long, pointed ears, yellow eyes with red pupils, and a small mouth that usually has its teeth bared.

3. On its body are two pairs of wings: an upper pair that is slightly larger and a lower pair that developed from its legs.

4. Both pairs have green-blue membranes, but the lower pair’s membranes are only visible from the back.

5. The upper wings have two claw-like fingers near the middle.

6. On the bottom of its body are what appear to be a pair of stubby feet or tufts of fur.

7. Crobat is capable of flying long distances by alternating between its two sets of wings.

8. The extra set of wings has also improved its flight speed without sacrificing its ability to fly silently.

9. The combination of silent flight and sharp fangs allows it bite down on prey without being noticed and drain their blood.

10. If unable to consume blood, it becomes lethargic and unable to fly.

11. Due to its lack of legs, it is clumsy on the ground and only able to crawl around with its wings.

12. Crobat is rarely found in the wild, though they are typically found in caves or on tree branches, where it hangs upside-down by its rear wings.

13. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Crobat and its pre-evolutions.

14. Crobat shares its category with Zubat, Golbat, and Woobat. They are all known as the Bat Pokémon.

15. Crobat’s color scheme is the reverse of Golbat’s. This also applies to its Shiny variation.

16. Crobat’s evolutionary line has several similarities with Swoobat’s. All of the members of the lines are based on bats and reach their respective final evolutionary form by friendship.

17. Crobat and Vibrava are the only Pokémon of their body type that are not Bug-type.

18. Crobat is based on a bat, specifically vampire bats, which produce toxic saliva with anticoagulant properties. This saliva is secreted when these bats bite prey to draw blood.

19. Crobat may be a combination of cross and bat. Alternatively, it may be a corruption of acrobat, describing Crobat’s maneuverability in the air.

20. Brock had a Crobat that he originally caught as a Zubat. It reached its final evolutionary form in Control Freak!. He eventually gave it to his brother Forrest.

21. Three Crobat appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1), employed by J’s henchmen. They battled Ash and his friends while attempting to capture the Aura Sphere Riolu. All three were eventually tied by the String Shot of an Ariados captured by Kellyn’s Capture Styler.

22. A Crobat appeared in The Right Hero for the Right Job!, under the ownership of Xerosic. It battled against some of Clemont’s Pokémon, but eventually lost. Crobat appeared again in Facing the Needs of the Many!.

23. A Crobat appeared in That’s Just Swellow as one of the participants of the Crossgate PokéRinger competition.

24. A Crobat appeared in Less is Morrison.

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