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24 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Allison Scagliotti

Allison Glenn Scagliotti, born September 21, 1990, is an American actress. She’s best known for her roles in Drake & Josh, Warehouse 13 and Stitchers. She was born in Monterey, California. Take a look below for 24 more awesome and interesting facts about Allison Scagliotti.

1. She’s of Irish, Italian, English and Jewish descent.

2. When she was give years old, Scagliotti moved to Mandeville, Louisiana, where she joined her school’s drama club.

3. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother in 2003, and continues to be based in Los Angeles for work and travels to her home in Monterey when possible.

4. Scagliotti studied at New York University and Glendale Community College.

5. She’s the first cousin of Kevin Pfeffer, the lead singer of Five Minutes to Freedom, and Alex Scagliotti, the National Wakeboard Champion.

6. When she was 11 years old, she met an acting coach who was giving a seminar at Barns and Noble little stage, then moved to Hollywood.

7. She played covers at many open mic nights in Toronto, while filming Warehouse 13.

8. She’s a big fan of David Lynch.

9. She took Sylvia Plath’s typewriter from the set of Warehouse 13. She wanted the metronome but Aaron Ashmore took it instead.

10. Scagliotti was homeschooled since she was eleven years old.

11. She’s good friends with Neil Grayston from Eureka.

12. Her major music influences include Robert Johnson, the Rolling Stones, any incarnation of a Jack White band, the Pixies, Nirvana, Radiohead, Steppenwolf and the Runaways.

13. In 2015, she enrolled in Berklee Online’s bachelor of professional studies degree program as an Interdisciplinary Music Studies major. She’s earning her degree without having to disrupt her career.

14. She portrayed Gretchen in the off-Broadway musical Jasper in Deadland.

15. Scagliotti has had numerous small television roles during her career, including One Tree Hill, and CSI, as well as the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101.

16. She has had a recurring role on Drake & Josh, as Mindy Crenshaw, Josh’s rival and later girlfriend. She appeared in seven episodes from 2004 to 2008.

17. Her first lead role was as Maddie in the 2005 short movie Redemption Maddie.

19. Scagliotti is best known for her portrayal of the character Claudia Donovan in the 2009 series, Warehouse 13 on Syfy. Her character was introduced early in the premiere season and she appeared in most of the remaining episodes.

20. She helped co-host SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Live on Halloween 2010.

21. She appeared as Jayna, the female Wonder Twin, in Idol the 8th episode of the 9th season of Smallville.

22. She has appeared as a guest on the show Destination Truth and The Nerdist Podcast, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

23. She has appeared as a guest star on Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, hosted by Wil Wheaton.

24. In December 2012, Scagliotti appeared in Darren Caulley’s play Unhealthy. She played the lead role of Michelle, a struggling actress.

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