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26 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Blissey From Pokemon

Blissey is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Chansey when leveled up with high friendship. It is the final form of Happiny. Take a look below for 26 awesome and interesting facts about Blissey.

1. Blissey has a large, ovoid body with a pink upper body and white lower body.

2. It has hair-like curls on either side of its head.

3. White, wing-like tufts grow from its hips and shoulders, creating the impression of a dress.

4. Its stubby arms and feet are pink and lack any digits.

5. A small, pink pouch on its belly holds a single egg, which brings feelings of happiness and makes a person pleasant and caring if ingested.

6. Blissey can use its fluffy fur to sense sadness, and will rush to anyone feeling sad or ill and attempt to nurse him or her back to health.

7. Its evolutionary line is the only one capable of learning Soft-Boiled.

8. Blissey is a female-only species with no male counterpart.

9. An urban Pokémon, it is rarely seen in the wild.

10. Blissey is tied with Eternamax Eternatus for the highest base HP of all Pokémon.

11. With a base experience yield of 608, Blissey has the largest experience yield of any Pokémon.

12. Blissey is also the only Pokémon whose base experience yield is greater than its base stat total.

13. Blissey has the highest base Special Defense stat of all Normal-type Pokémon.

14. Blissey shares its category with Togetic. They are both known as the Happiness Pokémon.

15. Blissey has the lowest base Attack and Defense stats of all fully evolved Pokémon.

16. Blissey appears to be based on a nurse, specifically sharing some physical similarities with Nurse Joy from the anime in both color and hair. Its tendency to carry eggs in a pouch is much like a monotreme or marsupial, but may also simply be based on a general concept of females and motherhood.

17. Blissey is a combination of bliss (happiness) and the suffix -sey from Chansey, its pre-evolution.

18. Blissey debuted in Ignorance is Blissey, where she emerged as a friend of Jessie’s from their time at the Pokémon Nurse School. Additionally, Nurse Joys in the Alola region are assisted by Blissey. The Nurse Joy of Fula City also has a Blissey, as seen in The Power of Us, which is set in an alternate timeline from the main series.

19. A Blissey appeared in Tricks of the Trade as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Swap Meet in Palmpona.

20. A Blissey briefly appeared in Power Play!.

21. A Blissey appeared in First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!, during a fantasy.

22. A Blissey appeared in Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?, where she was chased by a Gengar and had her Egg stolen.

23. A Trainer’s Blissey appeared in A Young Royal Flame Ignites!.

24. A Trainer’s Blissey appeared in Turning the Other Mask!.

25. A Blissey appeared in a flashback in Battling the Beast Within!, under the ownership of the Ultra Rangers. She and her fellow Pokémon attempted to battle a Guzzlord that was wreaking havoc at the Ultra Ruin, but lost.

26. A Blissey caught by Crystal and lent to Emerald for his Battle Pike challenge appeared in Moving Past Milotic. With her high Special Defense and suitable nature, she served the boy well and, although she was eventually defeated, she had used Softboiled to revitalize Emerald’s Rapidash.

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