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24 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Shuppet From Pokemon

Shuppet is a Ghost type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Banette starting at level 37. Take a look below for 24 awesome and fascinating facts about Shuppet.

1. Shuppet is a spherical Pokemon that appears to be covered by a gray cloth.

2. Black rings surround its multicolored eyes, which have light-blue sclerae, dark-blue irises, and yellow pupils.

3. Occasionally, it will display a large, pink tongue.

4. Extending from the top of its head is a long, pointed horn.

5. The horn collects the negative emotions of people, on which this Pokémon feeds.

6. The emotions it feeds on include anger, jealousy, and envy, so some people are grateful for its presence.

7. A nocturnal Pokémon, it will appear in swarms beneath the eaves of houses with negative people.

8. It is most commonly found in cities and other urban settings.

9. Shuppet can be seen as a parallel to Duskull. Both are Generation III Ghost-type Pokémon. Both evolve into their evolved forms starting at level 37. Both also have the same base stat total.

10. It appears to be a teru teru bōzu, a Japanese paper doll resembling a ghost. It also resembles a hand puppet. It also appears similar to common depictions of ghosts, specifically those that resemble floating cloths with faces.

11. Shuppet may be a combination of shadow and puppet, or a contraction of shadow puppet.

12. Shuppet debuted in Take This House and Shuppet. Max got lost in an abandoned mansion and befriended a Shuppet that was living there. Max allowed Shuppet to pull pranks to scare the others because he was angry with May.

13. A Shuppet appeared in Fear Factor Phony as a resident of an abandoned mining colony. They could not stand the partying Psychic-type Pokémon in the nearby town, so they created a Haunter-like illusion to scare them away.

14. A Shuppet appeared in PK15. It was one of the residents of a spooky house.

15. A Shuppet appeared in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, under the ownership of Grings Kodai. It would help its Trainer locate the Time Ripple by using Foresight.

16. A Shuppet appeared in A Haunted House for Everyone!, under the ownership of Acerola. It was used to reveal the Ghost-type Pokémon that appeared at the Pokémon School. Shuppet reappeared in Battle Royal 151!.

17. A Trainer’s Shuppet appeared in Off the Unbeaten Path, where it was seen participating in the Pokémon Orienteering competition.

18. A Shuppet appeared in Ghoul Daze!, where it, a Banette, and a Duskull scared off Meowth.

19. A Shuppet appeared in P7-14.

20. A Shuppet appeared in Dreadful Dealing with Dusclops, where it was attacking Wally inside the Sky Pillar.

21. A Shuppet appeared as one of the many Pokémon that Team Magma and Team Aqua Grunts sent out in the Seafloor Cavern in No Armaldo Is an Island.

22. The Battle Tower rented a Shuppet, which was stolen by Guile Hideout in The Final Battle VII.

23. A Shuppet appeared in A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart, where it was seen inside the Thrifty Megamart.

24. Shuppet and Murkrow are the members of Team Ebony.

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