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23 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Araquanid From Pokemon

Araquanid is a dual-type Water/Bug Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Dewpider starting at level 22. Take a look below for 23 interesting and amazing facts about Araquanid.

1. Araquanid is an arachnoid Pokemon with a water bubble around its head.

2. The majority of its body is dark gray with accents of yellow green and light brown.

3. It has large, blue eyes with a paler wavy line through the centers.

4. Above its eyes are light brown markings similar to eyebrows.

5. It has three pointed, blue bumps on top of its head and four fang-like projections underneath.

6. Both the bumps and its eyes are capable glowing.

7. Its abdomen was a light brown stripe down the center of its back with two horizontal lines crossing it.

8. There are several light brown extensions at its neck that flare out and connect to the bubble around its head.

9. At the end of its abdomen is a light green spinneret.

10. It has six light green legs with opaque bubbles around the joints.

11. The tips of its legs are dark gray.

12. Araquanid uses the bubble around its head as both a weapon and a protective shield.

13. It will headbutt enemies with it, and small Pokémon can be sucked in and drowned.

14. Subdued prey can also be stored inside when Araquanid is not hungry.

15. However, it will also bring weaker Pokémon and valuable items into the bubble for protection.

16. Araquanid can be seen as a counterpart to Masquerain. Both share the Bug type and the same base stat totals of 454, and both can be found at Malie Garden in Pokémon Sun and Moon, alternating based on the time of day, with Araquanid being found during the day and Masquerain at night.

17. Araquanid appears to be based on the diving bell spider, utilizing a bubble of water to breathe above the surface, like a reverse of the bubble of air that a diving bell spider uses underwater as a scuba helmet.

18. Given its long, skinny legs, Araquanid may also take some influence from one of many species of sea spiders, while the color resembles reeds. 

19. The growths on its head may be inspired by the Hawaiian happy-face spider.

20. Araquanid may be a combination of arachnid and aqua.

21. Araquanid debuted in Dewpider Ascending!, where it was shown living with its young Dewpider. After it provided its now-matured children with some survival instructions, it watched as they all left the nest in search of other waters for them to call home.

22. A Trainer’s Araquanid appeared in Battle Royal 151!, where it competed in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference but lost to Pikachu.

23. Araquanid debuted in Homecoming and the Brilliant Professional Golfer, under the ownership of Lana.

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