23 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Caleb Followill

Caleb Followill is a popular American musician who is a part of the hit indie rock band Kings of Leon. He is the founding member of the band and is currently its lead vocalist. Take a look below for 23 more fun and fascinating facts about Caleb Followill.

1. Followill’s status as a musician has been on the rise since the band formed and hit the charts in 1999.

2. Originally from the town of Tennessee, Caleb’s interest in music was sparked off by listening to other influential bands.

3. He teamed up with his brothers and cousin to form ‘Kings of Leon’. The band has released seven albums thus far, most of which have been critically well received.

4. His albums have often topped many lists and have won several Grammy awards.

5. Caleb’s most popular songs are “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody”. The band, “Kings of Leon”, is still very popular and its live tours are completely booked well in advance.

6. Caleb grew up watching his brother Nathan play music in the church when he was just seven. Over time, he picked up playing the drums and joined his brother and played music together.

7. At the same time, he was introduced to bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Clash by the songwriter Angelo Petraglia. This newfound discovery influenced him deeply, and he knew he wanted to pursue a career in music.

8. His brothers, Jared and Nathan, and his cousin Matthew came together to form their own band Kings of Leon in 1999.

9. The band was named in honor of their grandfather Leon.

10. While Caleb took the role of the lead vocalist, Nathan was the drummer, Jared the backing vocals and bass guitarist, and Matthew was the lead guitarist.

11. After the formation of the band, they first signed up with the label RCA Records in New York.

12. Their debut album was “Youth and Young Manhood” that was released in 2003. However, it failed to attract the attention of serious critics.

13. Their next album “Aha Shake Heartbreak” was released in 2004 and managed to draw in a diverse audience. From this album, “The Bucket” soon became a popular song that entered the Billboard charts.

14. The band’s next album “Because of the Times” became commercially successful and entered the top 10 of the Billboard charts.

15. Their following albums “Only by the Night”, “Come Around Sundown”, and “Mechanical Bull” were massive hits across the world.

16. Caleb is also a co-founder, alongside Jonathan Waxman, Ken Levitan and Andy Mendelsohn, of the Music City Food + Wine Festival in Nashville.

17. Apart from music, Caleb and his band are actively involved in philanthropy and often associate with charitable causes.

18. In a fund-raising event for the charity Absolute Return for Kids, Caleb and his brothers raised over $28 million.

19. The band also generously contribute their earnings to the International Red Cross. Caleb is currently touring across the country for live performances.

20. Followill was born on January 14, 1982 to Ivan Leon Followill and Betty Ann in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

21. Since his father was a United Pentecostal evangelist, the family was always travelling and preaching.

22. Caleb has been married to the Victoria Secret supermodel, Lily Aldridge, since May 12, 2011. The couple has a daughter named Dixie Pearl and they recently announced that there are expecting another child in 2018. 

23. He was previously in a relationship for a short time with the actress Kimberley Stewart.  

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