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23 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Nirvana’s Nevermind Album

Nevermind is the second studio album by the American rock band Nirvana. It was released on September 24, 1991, by DGC Records and it was produced by Butch Vig. Nevermind was the band’s first release on DGC and it was their first album to feature drummer Dave Grohl. Take a look below for 23 more fascinating and interesting facts about Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

1. Despite having low commercial expectations, Nevermind became a massive success in late 1991, largely due to the popularity of its first single “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

2. By January, 1992, it overthrew Michael Jackson’s album Dangerous at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

3. The album was responsible for bringing both alternative rock and grunge to a large, mainstream audience. It’s been ranked highly on lists of the greatest albums of all time by publications such as Rolling Stone and Time Magazine.

4. Nevermind cover photographer Kirk Weddle did two shoots and really like a photograph he took with a baby girl, but the band’s record label insisted that they wanted a boy.

5. Axl Rose personally requested Nirvana as support on the 1992 tour after Nevermind’s big hit. However, Kurt Cobain refused, even saying that Guns N’ Roses are, “really talentless people, and they write crap music.”

6. The back cover of Nevermind is actually a collage Cobain made up of Dante’s Inferno paintings, Chim Chim the monkey and miniature figures of Kiss, which is one of his favorite bands growing up.

7. The announcer in the “In Bloom” video is former “People’s Court” host Doug Llewelyn.

8. When they performed “Lithium” at the 1992 MTV VMA’s, they opened with a few lines from their unreleased song “Rape Me.” MTV censors almost cut to a commercial break.

9. Nirvana were almost kicked out of their own Nevermind release party. This is because they showed up tipsy and started tossing around a watermelon filled with ranch dressing from the food spread.

10. Nevermind was originally titled Sheep and it was Cobain’s manifesto on conformity.

11. Krist Novoselic is the one off key singing at the start of “Territorial Pissings.”

12. Cobain married Courtney Love five months after Nevermind was released. The wedding was attended by drummer Dave Grohl, 3 Nirvana employees and an alleged drug dealer. Krist Novoselic wasn’t there because he wasn’t on good terms with the bride and groom at the time.

13. Six months after the album was released, Cobain suddenly demanded a much larger slice of the royalties. Novoselic and Grohl almost quit the band in protest.

14. Grohl was Nirvana’s fifth drummer. He was preceded by a procession of drummers that included Mudhoney’s Dan Peters and Melvin’s Dale Crover.

15. Chad Channing, who sat behind the kit for Nirvana’s 1989 debut album, Bleach, recorded a set of Nevermind demos before being replaced by Grohl. However, Channing’s set on “Polly” was kept and appears on the final album.

16. The hidden track “Endless Nameless” was mistakenly left off the first 50,000 copies of Nevermind.

17. Weird Al Yankovic recorded his own “Endless Nightmare” tribute titled “Bite Me.”

18. Cobain hated video director Sam Bayer’s original cut of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” In fact, he flew back to Los Angeles to personally edit the video, telling MTV News that, “it looked like a Time-Life commercial to me.”

19. Nevermind was certified Diamond for shipping 10 million copies in March of 1999. It had sold 11 million copies in the United States and 30 million worldwide.

20. Cobain was supposedly offered the role of the heroin dealer in Pulp Fiction, which is why Tarantino, Quentin was thanked in the liner notes to their Nevermind follow-up, “In Utero.”

21. Even though it was named the best album of the 1990s and landing on number 17 on its 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, Rolling Stone initially gave Nevermind only 4 stars out 5.

22. The album has spent 335 total weeks on the Billboard 200.

23. Its best sales week came during Christmas week of 1991, when the album sold 374,000 copies in the week ending December 29th.

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