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23 Amazing And Fascinating Facts About Inkay From Pokemon

Inkay is a dual-type Dark/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It evolves into Malamar starting at level 30 when leveled up while the game system is held upside-down. Take a look below for 23 amazing and fascinating facts about Inkay.

1. Inkay is a blue squid like Pokemon.

2. It has a transparent mantle with a rounded, pink body inside that has several yellow, circular lights.

3. There are four lights on the front and two on the back.

4. Attached to its mantle are two transparent tentacles; its remaining tentacles are part of its main body.

5. It has round, black eyes and a pink beak-like mouth.

6. Inkay is often mistaken for a Water-type because of its appearance.

7. Those who stare at the lights on Inkay’s body become dazed and lose their will to battle; this allows it to escape.

8. It can also use these light-emitting spots to send messages in the form of complex flashing rhythms and to attract prey.

9. Prey is then ensnared and held in place by its tentacles.

10. In addition to Inkay’s method of evolution into Malamar being unique, it would have been impossible in any of the previous core series Pokémon games, because the Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo’s first handheld system with an internal gyroscope.

11. Inkay and its evolution were designed by Hitoshi Ariga.

12. Inkay and Malamar are the only Pokémon in the Water 2 egg group that are not Water-type.

13. Inkay appears to be based on a squid, and it also seems to bear a small resemblance to a cuttlefish.

14. Considering its flashing abilities, Inkay may have been inspired by the vampire or humboldt squids, or by deimatic behaviour in cephalopods as a whole.

15. Inkay may be a combination of ink or inkfish and okay.

16. An Inkay appeared in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!, which James caught while he was eating sandwiches. When James traveled to Alola in Loading the Dex!, Inkay was revealed to have been left at Team Rocket HQ.

17. Multiple wild Inkay appeared in Facing the Grand Design!, where James’s Inkay helped save them, as well as some good Malamar, from the evil Malamar.

18. James tried to release Inkay afterwards so Inkay could be happy with the other Inkay, but Inkay refused and rejoined his team.

19. Inkay debuted in Kangaskhan…Kangascan’t, under the ownership of a male Poké Fan.

20. Xerosic’s Malamar was revealed to have been under his ownership since he was an Inkay. He evolved when Lysandre explained his peculiar evolution method and demonstrated it by turning Inkay upside-down, making him evolve instantly. He showed up in a flashback in Chesnaught Protects.

21. Kanna owned an Inkay.

22. Inkay appears as a Poké Ball summon in both versions of the game. It turns over and hits the ground, making all opponents who are on the ground trip.

23. Inkay returns as a Pokémon summoned from the Poké Ball, retaining the same behavior from the previous game.

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