21 Fun And Interesting Facts About Fabrizio Moretti

Fabrizio Moretti is an Italian-Brazilian musician and visual artist best known as the drummer for American indie rock band The Strokes. He is also a member of Brazilian and American rock supergroup Little Joy. Take a look below for 21 more fun and interesting facts about Fabrizio Moretti.

1. Moretti was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to an Italian father and a Brazilian mother.

2. He and his family moved to New York City when he was three years old, and had plans to stay there only for three years, but in the end they stayed for seventeen.

3. As a teenager, Moretti attended the Anglo American International School, which later merged with the Dwight School, where he met fellow band members Nick Valensi and Julian Casablancas.

4. Moretti started playing drums by soundproofing a closet at home.

5. Upon graduating high school, Moretti studied sculpture at SUNY New Paltz, before dropping out to focus on his music career with The Strokes.

6. Fabrizio Moretti began playing as a drummer in an informal band with vocalist Casablancas and guitarist Valensi in high school, and continued after the two left Dwight.

7. Their first show as The Strokes was at the Spiral in New York City on September 14, 1999.

8. The band released The Modern Age EP in 2001 under Rough Trade Records and was signed for a five-album record deal by RCA Records.

9. In 2007, Moretti joined with Los Hermanos guitarist, singer, songwriter Rodrigo Amarante and Binki Shapiro to form the trio Little Joy, a Brazilian/American rock supergroup.

10. Amarante and Moretti had met in 2006, at a festival in Lisbon where both their bands were performing, and the idea came up to start a new musical project unrelated to their respective bands.

11. Moretti was also part of a project, Megapuss, with Devendra Banhart, Gregory Rogove and Noah Georgeson in 2008.

12. Moretti has played drums for Neon Neon, on their track “Dream Cars”, from Stainless Style.

13. He has also co-written “Prisoner”, from Har Mar Superstar’s album Bye Bye 17 with Devendra Banhart, Rodrigo Amarante.

14. Moretti also played on Kesha’s 2012 song “Only Wanna Dance With You”, together with bandmate Julian Casablancas.

15. Moretti is an enthusiastic visual artist and enjoys drawing.

16. He has created an art installation for Rag + Bone and showcased his drawings in New York.

17. He has also worked on artistic project FUZLAB with French cartoonist Luz in 2012.

18. Despite living in the country from a young age, Moretti is not currently a U.S. Citizen, and is instead a citizen of his father’s country of origin, Italy.

19. Moretti is fluent in Portuguese, the language of his family, who live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

20. Moretti has a brother four years older, Leo Moretti.

21. Fabrizio uses Ludwig Red Vistalite limited edition drums, Zildjian cymbals and Ahead sticks.

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