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21 Fascinating And Fun Facts About Throh From Pokemon

Throh is a Fighting type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon, but is considered to be a counterpart of Sawk. Take a look below for 21 fascinating and fun facts about Throh.

1. Throh is a bipedal, humanoid Pokemon with a bulky, red body and rocky skin.

2. Its head is round and low on its shoulders with a T-shaped black feature that forms its nose and brow.

3. Its hands and feet each have three digits, with its fingers being rounded.

4. It wears a white judogi with a black, v-neck collar that extends down to its black belt.

5. The gi has an integrate diamond pattern on its sleeves and a black, square patch on the bend of its knees.

6. Throh is a male-only species.

7. Throh travel in packs consisting of five members.

8. It weaves its black belt from vines and ties the belt to increase its power.

9. It is driven to throw larger opponents and will always try to do so.

10. Throh is the only known Pokémon capable of learning Storm Throw.

11. Throh and Sawk draw parallels to the Generation I Pokémon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, in that they are male-only Fighting-type Pokémon that appear to be related to each other.

12. In both the anime and PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, Throh is slightly taller than Sawk despite being four inches (10 centimeters) shorter than it according to the Pokédex.

13. Throh and its counterpart were designed by Ken Sugimori.

14. Throh was designed before Sawk, having been repurposed from an unused Gen 4 design.

15. Throh is based on a judo expert or judoka, and an oni.

16. According to interviews with Ken Sugimori in Nintendo Dream, in development, Sawk and Throh both had horns, making them look more like oni. However, they were replaced with eyebrows so as not to clash with Tornadus and Thundurus, who both were originally designed to be red and blue, like Throh and Sawk.

17. Throh is a corruption of throw.

18. Throh made his main series debut in The Clubsplosion Begins!, under the ownership of Montgomery. He was used during the Clubsplosion, where he defeated Delbert’s Mienshao, Iris’s Excadrill, and Ash’s Scraggy before losing to Stephan’s Sawk in Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!.

19. Throh debuted in White—Victini and Zekrom, where he faced off against Ash’s Pikachu in the opening sequence.

20. A Throh appeared in a flashback or a fantasy in The Forest Champion!.

21. A Throh appears as a Burst form of Danke.

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