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20 Fascinating And Obscure Facts About Sammamish, Washington, United States

Sammamish is a city in King County, Washington, United States. The population was 45,780 at the 2010 census and an estimated 65,892 in 2019. Take a look below for 20 fascinating and obscure facts about Sammamish, Washington, United States.

1. Located on a plateau, the city is bordered by Lake Sammamish to the west and the Snoqualmie Valley to the east.

2. The Sammamish Plateau was part of unincorporated King County for most of its recorded history.

3. The first settlers arrived in the late 19th century and established a trio of resorts by the 1930s.

4. The plateau remained a mostly rural area until suburban homes, shopping centers, and schools were built in the 1970s and 1980s.

5. A vote in 1991 to join neighboring Issaquah failed, as did a vote on incorporation the following year.

6. A renewed movement to become a city, born of frustration with development policies set by the county government, met with voter approval in 1998.

7. Sammamish was officially incorporated on August 31, 1999.

8. The city annexed Klahanie on January 1, 2016.

9. Sammamish has nine parks (Beaver Lake Park, Big Rock Park, East Sammamish Park, Ebright Creek Park, Evans Creek Preserve, NE Sammamish Park, Pine Lake Park, Sammamish Commons, Sammamish Landing).

10. Soaring Eagle Regional Park and Duthie Hill Park abut the city and are on the plateau.

11. East Lake Sammamish Trail runs along Lake Sammamish and connects to a regional trail system.

12. The Sammamish City Council is elected by the community.

13. Of the seven council members, two members are elected as Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Council meetings are held at City Hall, part of the Sammamish Commons, which is also the site of Sammamish Library, a branch of the King County Library System.

14. Sammamish does not have its own post office.

15. Eastside Fire and Rescue is contracted to provide fire services. Sammamish contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office for police services.

16. Deputies assigned to Sammamish wear city uniforms and drive patrol cars marked with the city logo.

17. Sammamish’s public school system is served by two school districts.

18. North Sammamish is served by Lake Washington School District and has two high schools (Eastlake, Tesla STEM), two middle schools (Inglewood, Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning), and five elementary schools (Elizabeth Blackwell, Rachel Carson, Christa McAuliffe, Margaret Mead, Samantha Smith).

19. South Sammamish is served by Issaquah School District and has two high schools (Issaquah, Skyline), two middle schools (Beaver Lake, Pine Lake), and six elementary schools (Cascade Ridge, Challenger, Creekside, Discovery, Endeavour, Sunny Hills).

20. Eastside Catholic School is a private school in the city.

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