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19 Fun And Awesome Facts About Clauncher From Pokemon

Clauncher is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It evolves into Clawitzer starting at level 37. Take a look below for 19 fun and awesome facts about Clauncher.

1. Clauncher is a crustacean Pokemon that resembles a bright blue shrimp.

2. It has three pairs of the light gray legs; two pairs have simple blue spikes, while the foremost pair forms a larger set of claws.

3. One claw forms a single, sharp point and the other is much larger and forms a more traditional pincer with a tiny yellow claw.

4. Each front claw has a black stripe across the top.

5. It has a pair of yellow antennae on top of its head, yellow eyes, and three pointed mandibles.

6. There are three black stripes along its back that separate its body into segments, and it has a light gray underside.

7. Two black, rectangular fins form its tail.

8. Clauncher’s large claw gives it a poor sense of balance and makes it difficult to swim straight.

9. Instead, it moves my firing compressed water from this claw.

10. This is achieved through controlled expulsions of internal gas.

11. Additionally, it uses this ability to shoot down flying prey and can shatter rock at close range.

12. Occasionally, its claws will fall off and it keeps a low profile until they grow back.

13. The meat inside its claws is said to be delicious.

14. Seeing as how it fires water from its claw, Clauncher is likely based on a pistol shrimp.

15. Its deep blue coloration may be based on the Procambarus alleni, though it may also be a reference to mutated American lobsters.

16. Clauncher may be a combination of claw and launcher.

17. Clauncher debuted in Going for the Gold!, under the ownership of Rodman.

18. It was originally caught for the purpose of entertaining guests at the Ambrette Aquarium, but it did not like that responsibility and became lazy and unfriendly towards others.

19. Its behavior eventually improved after it helped save Clemont’s Dedenne from Team Rocket.

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