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18 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Anorith From Pokemon

Anorith is a dual type Rock and Bug Fossil Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It is resurrected from a Claw Fossil and evolves into Armaldo starting at level 40. Take a look below for 18 fun and fascinating facts about Anorith.

1. Anorith is a greenish gray, arthropod Pokemon, resembling an anomalocaris.

2. A stalk extends from either side of its head, with large, spherical eyes at the tips.

3. The middle of its head is black with two red, teardrop-shaped markings, and an x-shaped mouth is visible on the underside of its torso.

4. Beneath its head are two large, segmented claws that serve as weapons and are used to capture prey.

5. On each side of its body are four white appendages with red tips. 

6. These wing-like projections are used to propel Anorith through the water.

7. Now extinct in the wild, it lived in the seas of ancient times. 

8. It is still extant under the ownership of Trainers through revival from Claw Fossils.

9. Despite this, Anorith can no longer thrive in today’s oceans because the water composition has changed since ancient times.

10. Anorith and its evolution are the only Pokémon with the Ability Swift Swim that are also weak to Water.

11. Anorith appears to be closely based on an Anomalocaris with some characteristics of a trilobite. It greatly resembles brine shrimp as well, having similar eyes and feather-like protrusions on its sides.

12. Anorith may be a combination of Anomalocaris, anorthosite, and lith (rock or stone).

13. Anorith debuted in Where’s Armaldo?. Residing on a small island called Wales Island, located the east of Hoenn’s mainland, it was being studied by Professor Proctor and Annie Proctor alongside the other Fossil Pokémon from Hoenn. During the episode, it evolved into Armaldo.

14. An Anorith appeared in the opening sequence of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

15. An Anorith appeared in Wild in the Streets, where it was seen along with several other Pokémon within the habitat created for the revived Fossil Pokémon.

16. A giant Anorith appeared in a fantasy in Ancient Family Matters!.

17. Anorith first appeared in The Last Battle XIV, as a wild Pokémon pictured in one of the many photographs of unseen Pokémon that Professor Oak discovered.

18. An Anorith was set free alongside an Lileep during Ruby’s stay in Fallarbor Town in Tanks, but No Tanks, Anorith & Lileep, and using the raw talent in battle that he inherited from Norman, he calmed them (when he saw that nobody was looking, of course).

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