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16 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Blackville, New Brunswick, Canada

Blackville is a Canadian village in Northumberland County, New Brunswick. Take a look below for 16 fun and fascinating facts about Blackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

1. It is located on the Southwest Miramichi River approximately 40 kilometres southwest of Miramichi.

2. The first post office opened in the area in 1842, under the community name “Decantillon’s”; the area known as The Forks was also serviced by this post office.

3. In 1847, these areas collectively became known as Blackville, as the area was the largest population centre in the Parish of Blackville.

4. The parish, created in 1830 when it was partitioned from the Parish of Ludlow, had been named in honour of William Black, the acting governor of the colony of New Brunswick from 1829 to 1831.

5. Blackville was incorporated as a village in 1966, annexing the neighbouring communities of Underhill and Breadalbane in the process.

6. Blackville is serviced by a municipal government consisting of a mayor and four at-large councillors.

7. The current mayor is Christopher Hennessy.

8. The village is within the federal electoral district of Miramichi, and within the provincial electoral district of Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin.

9. Blackville’s economy was once tied to the forest industry.

10. A large sawmill that employed 200 workers had been operated in the village by industrial conglomerate UPM Kymmene, but it closed in 2007 as a result of economic pressures.

11. According to the 2016 Census, Blackville citizens had a median income of $30,816 for individuals, and $62,976 for households in 2015.

12. Blackville’s unemployment rate was 21.9%.

13. Blackville is home to a single financial institution, Blackville Credit Union.

14. It is the oldest of its kind in New Brunswick.

15. Blackville School, grades K – 12, is a public school in the New Brunswick.

16. This is the only grade school in Blackville, with students occasionally transporting to other Miramichi schools instead (Such as Miramichi Valley High School).

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