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15 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Wilbur, Washington, United States

Wilbur is a town in Lincoln County, Washington, United States. The population was 884 at the 2010 census. Take a look below for 15 fascinating and amazing facts about Wilbur, Washington, United States.

1. Just prior to the construction of the Central Washington Railroad line in 1889, no towns existed west of Davenport in Lincoln County.

2. One place along the line, “Wild Goose Bill’s Ranch,” run by Samuel Wilbur Condit, was assigned a post office by the Federal government.

3. Condit was 62 years old and known throughout the region as Wild Goose Bill when he and another man shot each other to death on Jan. 21, 1895.

4. Condit platted the town that bears his middle name “Wilbur,” though he didn’t have anything to do with the naming.

5. Goosetown was a consideration, until the blacksmith’s wife complained that she would never live in a place with such a silly name.

6. Instead, the name Wilbur was chosen by town surveyors.

7. It had been located on the stage line between Davenport and the Mines in northern Washington and with the speculation of the railroad arriving soon seemed a likely place for a town.

8. The town grew in earnest and was platted in April 1889. With the arrival of the railroad later that year, Wilbur’s growth increased rapidly with the establishment of bigger hotels, a bank, a lumber mill and countless other businesses.

9. After several failed attempts to incorporate in 1889, Wilbur was officially incorporated on August 11, 1890.

10. The boom had slowed by 1891 and came to a halt with the Panic of 1893.

11. A fire in October 1891 caused damage to the town, killing 4.

12. Wilbur was brought out of the hard times of the 1890s during a record wheat harvest in 1897 which brought over $1,000,000 to circulation in the town. The construction of a road to Republic then a flourishing mining camp in what was to become Ferry County was expected to increase traffic to Wilbur, but the expected benefit never materialized.

13. After a July 5, 1901 fire destroyed several city blocks, causing $155,000 in damage ($3.9 million in 2017 dollars), a water works was established in 1903. Wilbur was electrically lighted in October 1903 by the Wilbur Electric Company.

14. Wilbur gained news coverage in July 2007 as a result of crop circles found roughly 10 miles north of town, just off of Highway 2. The origin of these depressions in the wheat crop of local farmer Jim Llewellyn is unknown, and the phenomenon was covered by new stations as well as newspapers.

15. More crop circles were discovered in August 2009. On July 31, 2012, crop circles appeared for the third time in wheat fields near the town.

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