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15 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States

Cottage Grove is a city in Lane County, Oregon, United States. Take a look below for 15 awesome and fascinating facts about Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States.

1. Its population was 9,686 at the 2010 census.

2. It is the third largest city in Lane County. It is on Interstate 5, Oregon Route 99, and the main Willamette Valley line of the CORP railroad.

3. Cottage Grove post office was established in 1855 east of present-day Creswell.

4. It was named by its first postmaster, G. C. Pearce, whose home was in an oak grove.

5. In 1861, the office was moved to the present site of Saginaw; then in the late 1860s, to the southwestern-most part of present-day Cottage Grove, on the west bank of the Coast Fork Willamette River.

6. When the Southern Pacific railroad was built through the area in the 1870s, Cottage Grove station was placed more than half a mile northeast of the post office, on the river’s east side.

7. This was the start of a neighborhood dispute that lasted for nearly 20 years.

8. The people living near the post office did not want it moved to the railroad station, so a new office was established at the station with the name Lemati, a Chinook Jargon word that means “mountain”.

9. Lemati office ran from November 1893 to September 1894, but in March 1898 the Cottage Grove office was renamed Lemati, and ran that way until it was permanently renamed Cottage Grove in May 1898.

10. The only existing covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi River, the National Register of Historic Places-listed Chambers Railroad Bridge, is in Cottage Grove. The city restored it in 2011, reopening it on December 3.

11. Cottage Grove received the All-America City Award by the National Civic League in 1968 and 2004.

12. It has been recognized as a Tree City USA by The Arbor Day Foundation for over a decade.

13. In October 2008, it was the 17th city in the United States to be recognized as a Green Power Community.

14. Cottage Grove was incorporated in 1887, but the people on its east side rebelled in 1893 and founded East Cottage Grove.

15. The Oregon State Legislature changed its name to Lemati in 1895; the station’s signboard said “Cottage Grove”, and “Lemati” in smaller letters.

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