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14 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Arrokuda From Pokemon

Arrokuda is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves into Barraskewda starting at level 26. Take a look below for 14 interesting and amazing facts about Arrokuda.

1. Arrokuda is a brown and tan fish Pokemon resembling a barracuda.

2. It has two big black eyes and two small jaws pointing upward, the latter of which it is very proud of. 

3. It also has five fins scattered on its body; two pelvic fins, two anal fins, and one dorsal fin.

4. This Pokémon has two red spots, one behind each jaw, as well as three white scales on each side of its body for a total of six.

5. Arrokuda lastly has three back fins on its tail resembling a ship propeller, starting off tan in color, but having a brown coloring on the end.

6. Cramorant is the natural predator of Arrokuda, and they even appear to grab Arrokuda in its mouth in battle if using Surf or Dive.

7. Cramorant tend to spit out Arrokuda when attacked, however, causing the Rush Pokémon to fly out and smack nearby opponents.

8. Should Arrokuda see any movement near it, it will charge in a straight line using its sharp pointed jaws, though its movements tend to become sluggish when it eats too much, which is typically when Cramorant appear to swallow it up.

9. Arrokuda was first shown as part of Cramorant’s official reveal, but remained unnamed until the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

10. Arrokuda appears to be based on a barracuda.

11. It also resembles other large predatory fish such as the houndfish, the arowana, and the northern pike.

12. In addition, it appears to draw inspiration from darts and arrows, with its caudal fin being shaped similarly to fletchings.

13. Arrokuda may be a combination of arrow or arowana and barracuda.

14. Shirudomiria’s Arrokuda, nicknamed Kilo, first appeared in the Sword & Shield chapter.

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