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12 Fun And Wonderful Facts About Wednesday

For those of you out there who don’t have the classic five day work week, you might have a different perspective. I remember Wednesday as one of my favourite days of the week when I worked in hospitality, they were the most quiet and peaceful days. So opinions do vary, and its origins must be mysterious. Let’s have a deeper look into this otherwise overlooked day of the week. Take a look below for 12 fun and wonderful facts about Wednesday.

1. Wednesday got its name from “Woden”, the equivalent of the Roman god we are more familiar with, Mercury, also known as Hermes. Both are messenger gods, and the keepers of the dead.

2. In opposition to the pagan association to Wednesday, in the bible it is named “yom re-vi-ee”, which means the 4th day, when God created light.

3. In the well known children’s rhyme, Wednesday is dealt a rather unfortunate hand. As Monday’s child is fair of face, lucky Tuesday’s child is full of grace and poor Wednesday’s child is decidedly full of woe. The famous rhyme inspired the surprisingly aptly named Wednesday Adams.

4. In more contemporary literature, such as in the fictional works American Gods, the character “Wednesday” is the modern day representation of the Norse God Odin.

5. According to data provided by Imperial College Figures, it is ever so slightly less safe to undergo any procedures or operations on a Wednesday, and just so happens to be the second most dangerous day for commuters. Poor Wednesday! Any more positive facts.

6. A survey showed that the best day of the week to go on a date was a Wednesday, everyone has recovered from the busy weekend and are already in need of something to look forward to to break up the workweek.

7. It is also the best day to take off of work for the same reasons, this midweek day has been proved to be the best day to recharge which is very important for your health.

8. If there are any social media users out there looking to boost your brand, then you would be interested to know that the best days to post were Wednesdays as they incur the most interactions on average than any other day of the week.

9. Wednesday, in most Eastern European and slavic languages, translates to “middle” or “medium”.

10. As I mentioned, another name for Wednesday is “hump day”. This is an American term cheekily adopted not as an innuendo, but as Wednesday symbolises getting over the steep hump of the beginning of the week, and the arrival on the more fun downhill slope on the other side, on the way to the freedom of the weekend.

11. Does anyone believe in fate? If you do and you were born on a Wednesday, I’m afraid to say that you are ruled by the afore mentioned gods of Mercury. You are thus restless in nature, questioning everything in life. Curiosity killed the cat you know! You are highly active, but a tad unreliable, yet your communication skills and versatile capabilities make up for this.

12. “Spy Wednesday” is not as James Bond as it may sound, it just so happens to refer to the moment Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ.

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