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12 Awesome And Fun Facts About Rolls Royce

Anyone who knows a thing or two about motoring will likely already know that Rolls Royce is something of a luxury label.  The few who get to drive these magnificent cars are really taking to the road in style!  Their vehicles are hotly sought-after, and some sell for astronomical amounts at auction. Take a look below for 12 awesome and fun facts about Rolls Royce.

1. Rolls Royce has actually changed ownership a few times. In the late 90s and early 00s, Volkswagen bought the rights to the famous Rolls Royce mascot, as well as the grill – while BMW had rights to the famous logo and the actual name of the brand.

2. Confusion ended around 2003, when the companies finally struck a deal. BMW now produces and runs Rolls Royce cars as you see them today.

3. Rolls Royce actually sold motors and chassis for cars alone up until the mid-1940s. From 1946, they started building and selling their own complete vehicles.

4. Rolls Royce is, believe it or not, known for helping to build nuclear submarines! They are a major defence support across the world.

5. You can’t knock the famous mascot off its perch. While earlier cars had flimsier hood ornaments, the current mascot can actually retreat into the body of the car if it’s knocked.

6. Hong Kong invests in Rolls Royce cars more than any other nation. It’s said to have more Rolls Royces per capita than anywhere on the planet. This is said to be a knock-on effect of British colonisation of the country dating back centuries.

7. However, you’ll find that most of the cars are actually made in the USA. Specifically, most Rolls Royce cars emanate from Indianapolis in the state of Indiana.

8. Rolls Royce – or BMW – still hand-builds engines from scratch. That’s a unique mark of quality and care!

9. Rolls Royce actually runs its own training program for budding chauffeurs! It’s called the White Glove program, and it helps to teach drivers how to provide a truly luxurious experience to riders. It’s a very intricate process!

10. An Indian king once bought a fleet of Rolls Royces to collect rubbish from the streets of his homeland. It’s said that Maharaja Jai Singh did so after a snooty British salesperson hinted that the monarch wouldn’t be able to buy a Rolls Royce outright – and that it was out of his price range! In an act of defiance, he bought ten – and fit brushes to them to sweep and collect refuse!

11. Statistics show that between 65% and 75% of all Rolls Royces ever made are still active on the roads to this day. Considering the line dates back a century, that’s nothing short of mind-boggling.

12. Rolls Royce coaches are painted by one man – specialist Mark Courts, who takes great care to hand-paint every single vehicle in the line. What’s more, if he makes a mistake – he can’t go back!

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