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11 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Digitamamon From Digimon

Digitamamon is a Perfect Digimon. Take a look below for 11 interesting and amazing facts about Digitamamon from Digimon.

1. It is an ultimate Digimon which has the appearance of a “Digi-Egg”, the beginning and end of all Digimon.

2. It is said that this Digitamamon, being at the apex of digivolution, will not digivolve from normal Digimon, and will never digivolve unless it fuses with data from another dimension.

3. It is covered in an exoskeleton shaped like an egg, and all attacks are rendered meaningless before it.

4. Digitamamon is a creature whose body is hidden inside an eggshell, which is broken in a way that exposes only its yellow eyes and green legs.

5. Its feet have three toes each, and red claws.

6. Inside the eggshell is its true form, a ghost-like creature which has a red mouth and purple arms with five fingers on each hand.

7. In Digimon Adventure 02, Digitamamon has an entire universe inside its eggshell.

8. Some media depict a pink heart shaped monster with 8 sharp teeth and a tongue emerging from the eggshell when Digitamamon attacks.

9. A wild Digitamamon appears atop Mt. Infinity once Analogman is defeated there. It has the maximum 9,999 HP. Once recruited, it becomes a cook in the Restaurant, working there at random times much like Vademon. Due to a glitch, his food won’t fill your partner’s hunger requirements. This can be used to increase your partner’s stats infinitely, provided the player has enough Bits.

10. Digitamamon DigiFuses to Devitamamon with LadyDevimon, BlueMeramon, and Dragomon, and to AncientSphinxmon with Nefertimon, SkullBaluchimon, and SkullScorpionmon.

11. A Digitamamon runs a very popular restaurant in the Digital World. It only makes a certain amount of special cakes every day and quickly sells out. One day, after Goblimon and Raremon take the last two cakes, after Goblimon cut in line, depriving LadyDevimon of a special cake, the LadyDevimon returns and demands the Digitamamon make it a special cake to apologise for running out but the Digitamamon explains that it has ran out of ingredients and that it only harvests a certain amount of frosting from the Cream Spring, as taking any more would cause it to dry up. Seeing how pissed off LadyDevimon was it offers it a roll cake instead, however an Angewomon arrives and asks for the cake instead, telling the LadyDevimon it was rude to force the Digitamamon to give it the cake and the two fight over it. After they leave to find a more fitting arena, LadyDevimon and Angewomon end up returning to the restaurant, sill fighting, which attracts the attention of a Darkdramon – which was known for appearing where large amount of powerful energies clash – after which it would destroy the arena. As the Darkdramon tries to destroy Digitamamon’s restaurant LadyDevimon and Angewomon attack it, not wanting the restaurant to be destroyed, and are eventually able to make the Darkdramon retreat. Digitamamon thanks the two Digimon for saving its restaurant and gives them the roll cake as a reward.

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