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10 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Bulucomon From Digimon

Bulucomon is a Mini Dragon Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fun and fascinating facts about Bulucomon from Digimon.

1. Bulucomon resides in areas isolated from the outside world by ice. Its physical strength has been tempered by cold, harsh environments, allowing it to lift objects larger than itself with ease.

2. However, because its body is made mainly out of ice, its body will shrink and its power will weaken when exposed to high temperatures. 

3. Due to being brought up in areas with small populations, they will tend to form very strong bonds even with Digimon of different species that they encounter.

4. It is especially close to Penguinmon and Gabumon.

5. Bulucomon will melt and shrink with its power decreased like Paledramon does when encountering enemies of the like of Meramon.

6. Bulucomon is a small dragon Digimon that looks like a blue lizard with red eyes.

7. There is ice covering the head, tail, claws, and feet

8. There is also ice protruding on its back that looks like small wings.

9. It has white fur covering the neck and chest which makes it resemble a fur collar winter coat, and bandages wrapped around the forearms. It also has three white hexagons symbols on its shoulders and back.

10. In the Blue version, Bulucomon digivolves from Kokomon and can digivolve to Paledramon, Wizardmon X, Ginryumon, and Omekamon.

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