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10 Fun And Amazing Facts About Divermon From Digimon

Divermon is a Sea Animal Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fun and amazing facts about Divermon from Digimon.

1. It is clothed in a wetsuit, has a cheerful personality, and is always swimming around the “Net Ocean”.

2. Its specialty is moving in the water, and in battle it uses the high-speed, underwater mobility Motor on its back, and uses a fighting style that capitalizes on its speed.

3. It wields its cherished harpoon, “Trent” (Torrent).

4. Scubamon resemble Divermon minus the diving equipment they wear.

5. Several Divermon, including three named Phil (“Red Leader”), Sid (“Gold Leader”), and Jim (“Blue Leader”), work for MetalSeadramon as part of his “Deep Savers” army, although MetalSeadramon views them as mostly useless. Leomon fought several of them while searching for the DigiDestined.

6. After Whamon shows up to save the DigiDestined from the Dark Master, MetalSeadramon sends the Divermon to hunt Whamon down. As they scour the sea, they stumble upon Gomamon’s fishes, alerting the DigiDestined to their approach. Whamon quickly dives but has to release air to relieve the excess pressure, which Phil spots. He contacts MetalSeadramon and attempts to attack, but Whamon kicks up a dust cloud and escapes just as the other Divermon arrive. Whamon flees into a trench when the Divermon give chase, and one of the Divermon is crushed by the intense pressure. Whamon uses his Tidal Wave to attack MetalSeadramon after being chased to the surface, sweeping away another Divermon. The two remaining Divermon attack Ikkakumon as the DigiDestined leave to fight the Dark Master, but are destroyed after he digivolves to Zudomon.

7. When Kari went to the shores of the Dark Ocean, she encounters what she believed to be Scubamon cuffed in Dark Spirals who have been contacting her through visions. When Kari manages to free them from their bounds through Angewomon, the “Divermon” are revealed to be actually larger shadowy creatures that served Dragomon and try to take Kari with them. However, with a warning shot from Angewomon, the creatures are forced to give up and fall back into the Dark Ocean to reunite with Dragomon. An error with this episode is that they were called “Scubamon”, though may it have been intended to separate them from normal Divermon. These creatures’ true forms were homage to the Deep Ones of Lovecraft literature.

8. Maki Himekawa defends herself from the Scubamon with the bazooka she had brought with her to the Digital World, as she had somehow found herself in the Dark Ocean.

9. Divermon is an important Digimon in Digimon World 3. He runs a shop and can sell you new cards or open a booster you gained by defeating a cardmon or another duelist. Divermons run Asuka’s Duel Island, with a KingDivermon on the peak of the island. Winning in Card Battle against him gives you the Asuka Trophy which gives you extra charisma to battle more opponents.

10. Divermon DigiFuses to Vikemon with Zudomon and Shakkoumon, and to Neptunemon with Whamon, Tylomon, and Dragomon.

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