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10 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Boltmon From Digimon

Boltmon is an Android Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fascinating and interesting facts about Boltmon from Digimon.

1. It is a prototype Digimon constructed at the same time as Andromon.

2. Unlike the mechanically-based Andromon, the organically-based Boltmon possessed emotions, as well as power that surpassed Andromon’s, but because it was difficult to control and ran wild, it was consigned to oblivion in the darkness.

3. Due to their egos, the scientists who created this unfortunate Digimon denied its own existence, so it began wandering within the darkness of its sorrow.

4. Boltmon draws inspiration from the fictional Frankenstein’s monster, especially the popular portrayal from the 1931 film.

5. A Boltmon appears in Ueno Park in the Real World during Valentine’s Day and is encountered by Pukumon in the guise of a human. He talks Boltmon into causing chaos and captures Kari Kamiya, Mimi Tachikawa and Sora Takenouchi. The problem is that he just wants a heart. After Pucchiemon settles the problem with him and Davis Motomiya’s identity crisis, Pukumon appears and uses the Control Spire to prevent normal Digivolution. After Pukumon is chased away by Sagittarimon, Rinkmon, Pteramon, Manbomon, Butterflymon, and Pucchiemon, Boltmon takes his leave. Overall, Boltmon’s issues are based on the Tin Woodman from The Wizard of Oz.

6. Boltmon are major enemies in Ken’s side of the Machine Base, Gear Base, Electro Base, Darkness (Ankoku and Yami) Server, Despair Server, and Moon-Server, as well as on Ryo’s side of Machine Base 2, Gear Base 2, Electro Base 2, Darkness Base 2, Despair Sever 2, Darkness Server 2, Moon-Server 2. They’re also regular enemies in Ken’s Side of the Moon-Server. Boltmon are also in the four battles preceding the battle with Moon=Millenniummon in Millenniummon’s Castle, as well as in his party in the battle against Ryo.

7. A Boltmon was among the Mega Level Digimon that appeared to help the Digimon Sovereigns fight the D-Reaper.

8. Some Boltmon were seen working for Daemon. A Boltmon was with Neo Saiba during the invasion upon Lord MagnaAngemon’s castle where he killed two Knightmon with an axe longer than usual. He then fought against Leo, but he underestimated the Ultimate Digimon and was cut in half by Leo’s sword. Another one was killed by Callismon, one of Neo’s experiments.

9. A Boltmon in Bony Drive is a coward and hates fighting, and is unaware of its own strength as a Mega level Digimon. After learning that a Youkomon intends to defeat it, Myotismon, and WereGarurumon, to fulfil a prophecy it read, Bolton tries to avoid fighting Youkomon and tells the Hero to inform Youkomon that it had drowned in a lake, though Youkomon doesn’t believe it. Boltmon then asks the Hero to ask Myotismon to come up with a plan so that it could avoid fighting Youkomon, which Myotismon agrees to do. Myotismon asks Youkomon to fight it as part of the prophecy, and Myotismon uses its magic to make Boltmon appear as though it is actually Myotismon. Youkomon attacks “Myotismon”, and when Boltmon tries to run away from conflict, Youkomon is accidentally defeated when it comes into contact with Boltmon’s battle axe. Confused as to what was going in, Boltmon assumes it lost to the Youkomon, and then joins the City after being convinced by WereGarurumon and Myotismon. Bolton joins the entertainment district and opens a quiz game.

10. A Boltmon leads a group of Mamemon and they live by the mantra that the strongest lead the weakest after a series of battles. They are forced to flee their homes in the Digital World after the Spiral show up and cause chaos and take refuge in a forest. Using their beliefs they attack the local Digimon in the forest and steal their homes and the local Digimon are forced to go into hiding in a secret hideout that the Mamemon and Boltmon don’t know the location of. After the Protagonist, Stefilmon, Michi Shinjo, and Angewomon defeat the Mamemon after they had attacked the local Gazimon, the Gazimon are able to get the Tamers to agree to help them deal with the Mamemon and when they take them to their secret hideout the Mamemon suddenly attack the hideout and Rasenmon and Angewomon fight the Mamemon. As the duo start to get tired, BaoHuckmon and Mon arrive and BaoHuckmon defeats the remaining Mamemon, forcing them to flee. After Mon explains what had happened to the Mamemon, the Mamemon return with Boltmon and BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and defeats Boltmon. As the losers— Boltmon and the Mamemon agree to stop forcing their way of lives onto the other Digimon and Mon and SaviorHuckmon state they would get their homes back for them. The local Digimon then invite Boltmon and the Mamemon to live with them until the Tamers were able to get their home back for them.

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